Hi, hello!

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Why, hello there!

It’s been over a month, AGAIN. I don’t know what happened to updating at least twice or thrice a week, I think that resolution decided to go hiking. Haha ^^’

I didn’t mean to neglect this at all, it’s just that real life has taken over, I have been very busy, and Twitter was the easiest to update.

It’s late in the evening and I realized how much I have missed CandySky, and just blogging/writing/typing my thoughts away! I barely have time to sit down and do that now… Maybe in the next couple of weeks. : D

So I’ll just make a list of things I guess, before I end up forgetting them! Hee~

01 I CAN RIDE THE BUS NOW! Okay well, it’s just the Fort bus. I ride it to KCC every morning, after I get dropped off to Market Market, and sometimes, I ride it going back. It is, the only bus route I know and the only bus I can ride confidently. LOL. I have always relied on cabs, but since cab fare costs like PHP150 to KCC, compared to the PHP12 bus fare, and I am a totally poor intern, I have to take the bus. It’s been fun so far : )))


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