First day of Korean Language Class

Yesterday I attended the first meeting for the Basic Korean Language Class that I signed up for weeks ago. It’s offered by the Korean Cultural Center here in the Philippines for free, and you only have to pay PHP 500 for the materials.

Actually, I’ve already taken up Basic Korean twice — first was in 2009, when Ateneo started offering classes for it every Saturday. The thing with that is I wasn’t able to finish the course because I ended up having several events to attend and was absent majority of the meetings. The second time was during my last semester of college. Ateneo finally included it as one of the Foreign Languages offered, and so I took the class, which I realized was a wrong move on my part. I already had full units for the semester, and because I wanted to take the Korean class, I had to overload. Add my Senior’s thesis plus several other core subjects, which kept me so occupied I did not have enough time to focus on learning the language.

Imagine my glee when KCC announced that they were offering Korean classes! There were different schedules like MWF and Saturday classes. Basic Korean was only offered on Saturdays, 9AM-12NN. Apparently it was such a big hit that all the slots were filled out in less than a day. Haha. (I did encounter a bit of a problem with the payment though, because I keep forgetting to go to BDO / did not have time for it, good thing Meg unnie helped me out^^ Thank you unnie!)

So for our first day yesterday, I was lucky I got there on time. It was raining really hard too! When I got to KCC, one of my friends from Ateneo, Joyce, was there as well. We were asked to proceed to the classroom and take our seats. I saved a table for Meg and Gab unnie who were running a bit late.

After a while our other classmates started arriving, as well as my unnies and class started as soon as the staff and our teacher were finished setting up the projector. Our 선상님’s name is Vicky and huuu she is soooo nice and adorbs. (LOL Joyce would know how much I was squeeing, because she seriously is so cute!)


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