Favorite: Ottugi’s Cheese Bokki!

Hi! How have you guys been?  I just came back from vacation! (Okay maybe not “just came back” because it has been a week but… lol) Anyway, I felt like writing about one of my favorite Korean snacks, the Cheese Bokki! I have a long, long list of favorite Korean food / snacks (will probably make an entry for that soon), but this one takes the top! 

So….. Cheese Bokki? WTH is that? It’s cheese-flavored ramyeon/noodles!  Okay I know it sounds weird, but it’s really, really good! Katie and I first had Cheese Bokki during our 2010 Seoul trip. There was a convenience store at the Hongik Station underground, and before we took the elevator to our hostel, we stopped by to buy food we could try out and snack on while watching the latest SungKyunKwan Scandal episode.

Katie was looking through the ramyeon isle, and amongst all the spicy ramyeon bowls, there was one that had CHEESE. CHEESE X RAMYEON? We just had to try it out! Being lovers of anything cheesy, Katie and I bought it and huuuurrr the rest is history. 

More under ze cuuuuut~~ 


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[사진] Photo Dump #2 (+a bit of RL)


I planned on writing at least once a day, but I ended up putting it off for the next day, until it’s already been over a week since my last post. How could time pass by so fast? And how much lazier can I get?

The last time I slept on my bed was… Thursday morning. I haven’t really slept properly since then, save for a short nap yesterday afternoon. I made a list of things to do, but it’s been several days and I haven’t accomplished most of them. I wanted to finish them yesterday, but I felt sick, and ended up not finishing anything at all. I tried resting, because I was supposed to have dinner with Ate Meg, Ate MheAnn, Alex and Ate Leslie (who came all the way from the province) at a Korean restaurant, and I didn’t want to miss it, because it was the first time I’ll be meeting Leslie unnie after 3 years!

And then in the afternoon rain poured really hard. I couldn’t really leave because it would be difficult for me to find transportation — the last FX that goes to Market Market has already left, and there were no cabs passing in our area =_=’ So my only hope is if my parents drop me off to the mall so I can take a cab from there. I dressed up, and waited and waited. And finally we left, but I ended up going back home on a trike because things didn’t really go well. =/ I missed the dinner, and spent the rest of the night just listening to BigBang, and TVXQ songs.



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