“Everyone is searching for a place where their sadness and loneliness can be healed. For you, that place is here. Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate anymore, because I’ll protect you.”

The truth is, it’s hard to make everyone understand how much this group composed of five amazingly wonderful people mean to me. Tweets, posts, graphics won’t really be able to show how thankful I am that I got to know TVXQ and their music, and how much they have changed and inspired me while I was growing up.


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[사진] Photo Dump #2 (+a bit of RL)


I planned on writing at least once a day, but I ended up putting it off for the next day, until it’s already been over a week since my last post. How could time pass by so fast? And how much lazier can I get?

The last time I slept on my bed was… Thursday morning. I haven’t really slept properly since then, save for a short nap yesterday afternoon. I made a list of things to do, but it’s been several days and I haven’t accomplished most of them. I wanted to finish them yesterday, but I felt sick, and ended up not finishing anything at all. I tried resting, because I was supposed to have dinner with Ate Meg, Ate MheAnn, Alex and Ate Leslie (who came all the way from the province) at a Korean restaurant, and I didn’t want to miss it, because it was the first time I’ll be meeting Leslie unnie after 3 years!

And then in the afternoon rain poured really hard. I couldn’t really leave because it would be difficult for me to find transportation — the last FX that goes to Market Market has already left, and there were no cabs passing in our area =_=’ So my only hope is if my parents drop me off to the mall so I can take a cab from there. I dressed up, and waited and waited. And finally we left, but I ended up going back home on a trike because things didn’t really go well. =/ I missed the dinner, and spent the rest of the night just listening to BigBang, and TVXQ songs.



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A Good Morning + Gorgeous JaeJoong

Hi! ^^ It’s 8AM, and I just finished working on something. I haven’t slept yet but I feel so awake anyway! Haha ^^;

I was browsing through photos that I took in the past months, and upon opening a folder, there were photos of JaeJoong from one of the All About TVXQ DVDs. I took these photos while we were watching them several months back…

Isn’t he gorgeous? gnjgaghak LOL *_* Honestly. I love this man, and I do not doubt his manliness at all (despite him having such beautiful features), but AHHHH dressed up like this, I just can’t help but stare. /facepalms



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JaeChunSu, Jeju and the unfair treatment by KBS

In line with what @mjjeje tweeted, I made a new Twitter icon for myself *_*

This is HyeopJae Beach in Jeju~ ^^

For those who aren’t aware, a couple of months back, our JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu were appointed by the local government of Jeju-do as the Official Honorary Ambassadors of Jeju.

Jeju Island is in the running to be one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. (So is the Philippines’ very own Puerto Princesa Underground River!)

Since the announcement that our boys have been appointed ambassadors, many overseas fans have since then helped in voting for Jeju Island and also in spreading the word about it.

Currently, Jeju Island is at the #2 spot on the N7W Voting Trends list.

A lot of us have been looking forward to their performance on the Jeju special that will be broadcasted through KBS on July 20th. However, on July 16th, KBS announced the cancelation of the JaeChunSu’s participation in the special. Which turned out to be a decision made and announced without the knowledge of the artists, their company and even the local government of Jeju.

And then later on they announced that SNSD and f(x) will be performing in their place, because the said groups are more “effective” than Kim JaeJoong, Park YooChun and Kim JunSu.

D: (I am a fan of both SNSD and f(x), but KBS’ claim about effectiveness? It’s all. BS.)



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Rainy mornings

Honestly, I do love the rain. I love how cold and cozy it becomes when it starts falling. I just don’t like how it can rain so hard all of a sudden — it always reminds me of Ondoy, and it always signals flood which is a common�occurrence where I live /cries

These days everything’s gray and cloudy, and I can’t help but miss the sun, and the clear blue sky that comes along with it. The weather makes me feel a lot more lethargic, and it makes me want to just stay in bed when I shouldn’t! Haha~

Most days of the week are spent at home, working on graphics or sometimes I go out for meetings or to run errands for my parents. I can’t wait to get work, really! I want to keep myself busy and preoccupied, because if not, the weather is just going to keep me lazy.

Anyway. Because of the gloominess of things I listen to more upbeat songs. And huuu~ What better than TVXQ’s Hi Ya Ya right? Haha ^^ Here are some graphics I made out of their Hi Ya Ya photoshoot.

Hello, JAEJOONG TRICEPS! *_* Ah~~ This would be my ideal day — you got the sun, the sand and the (hot) man~

(Please to look at this! Who’s girly, huh? WHO? LOL! JJ IS A TOTAL MAN [this has nothing to do with YunJae, I ship them still. I just believe in JaeHo more HAHA])


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Perfect Day

As my days have been filled with the same old routine, I keep wondering what would make a perfect day? I thought of sunshine, a nice, cozy cafe somewhere in…

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