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Why, hello there!

It’s been over a month, AGAIN. I don’t know what happened to updating at least twice or thrice a week, I think that resolution decided to go hiking. Haha ^^’

I didn’t mean to neglect this at all, it’s just that real life has taken over, I have been very busy, and Twitter was the easiest to update.

It’s late in the evening and I realized how much I have missed CandySky, and just blogging/writing/typing my thoughts away! I barely have time to sit down and do that now… Maybe in the next couple of weeks. : D

So I’ll just make a list of things I guess, before I end up forgetting them! Hee~

01 I CAN RIDE THE BUS NOW! Okay well, it’s just the Fort bus. I ride it to KCC every morning, after I get dropped off to Market Market, and sometimes, I ride it going back. It is, the only bus route I know and the only bus I can ride confidently. LOL. I have always relied on cabs, but since cab fare costs like PHP150 to KCC, compared to the PHP12 bus fare, and I am a totally poor intern, I have to take the bus. It’s been fun so far : )))


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2011 07 04: KCC + Magazines + Afternoon with brother

Last month I spent this rainy Monday to visit the KCC, which at that time was still in the works~ Together with Meg unnie, we went to see the place and also Ayisse unnie who works there ^^ She showed us some of the Korean magazines that just got in~

The KCC’s Exhibit Hall – still under construction~

😀 From Hedwiggg~ Hai Jaewook oppa! The other half with Dongwan oppa’s photo won’t upload ;_; I think the photo got corrupted or smth </3

Tons more photos ~


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August is ending, and Christmas season is coming up in a few days (In the Philippines, Christmas season begins on September 1st :D). How fast can time be? I can…

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[사진] Photo Dump #2 (+a bit of RL)


I planned on writing at least once a day, but I ended up putting it off for the next day, until it’s already been over a week since my last post. How could time pass by so fast? And how much lazier can I get?

The last time I slept on my bed was… Thursday morning. I haven’t really slept properly since then, save for a short nap yesterday afternoon. I made a list of things to do, but it’s been several days and I haven’t accomplished most of them. I wanted to finish them yesterday, but I felt sick, and ended up not finishing anything at all. I tried resting, because I was supposed to have dinner with Ate Meg, Ate MheAnn, Alex and Ate Leslie (who came all the way from the province) at a Korean restaurant, and I didn’t want to miss it, because it was the first time I’ll be meeting Leslie unnie after 3 years!

And then in the afternoon rain poured really hard. I couldn’t really leave because it would be difficult for me to find transportation — the last FX that goes to Market Market has already left, and there were no cabs passing in our area =_=’ So my only hope is if my parents drop me off to the mall so I can take a cab from there. I dressed up, and waited and waited. And finally we left, but I ended up going back home on a trike because things didn’t really go well. =/ I missed the dinner, and spent the rest of the night just listening to BigBang, and TVXQ songs.



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