Saturday Morning♥︎

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I was about to post on Instagram, when I realized its one of the reasons I rarely blog these days *_* Everything goes straight to Twitter or Instagram, because the…

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These days + musings

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Hello loves! How are you these days? ^^ I'm sorry for the lack of updates. These past several days, I haven't had time to sit down and blog. I have…

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2011 07 04: KCC + Magazines + Afternoon with brother

Last month I spent this rainy Monday to visit the KCC, which at that time was still in the works~ Together with Meg unnie, we went to see the place and also Ayisse unnie who works there ^^ She showed us some of the Korean magazines that just got in~

The KCC’s Exhibit Hall – still under construction~

😀 From Hedwiggg~ Hai Jaewook oppa! The other half with Dongwan oppa’s photo won’t upload ;_; I think the photo got corrupted or smth </3

Tons more photos ~


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August is ending, and Christmas season is coming up in a few days (In the Philippines, Christmas season begins on September 1st :D). How fast can time be? I can…

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2010 10 17 JYJ (from TVXQ) The Beginning Showcase in Malaysia

I don’t think I was able to properly blog about this last year, but for my 21st birthday gift (and Katie’s 17th), we watched JaeChunSu’s showcase in Malaysia with a couple of my friends from the Ateneo – Nina, Michi, Joyce and Cherry.

We got to KL about two days before, and stayed at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, the same hotel the boys stayed at while they were there^^ We also got to meet Kino unnie, who owns RedStar, as well as their staff~ So happy I got to meet Nic, Lolly and her younger sister, Xietin (who is a wonderful photographer!).

I got to take a lot of photos, but I haven’t really gotten around to resizing everything, save for these photos from the showcase that I was able to post on Tumblr.

That was the first time in 3 years that I was able to see the three (I’ve seen TVXQ twice, first when they came to Manila to shoot the Ramodo CF in 2006, and second during the O Jung Ban Hap Seoul Encore Concert in 2007), and I really couldn’t explain the happiness I felt when they finally came out. Katie was also crying — it was her first time to see the boys, first time to watch them perform live. Although we were both happy seeing them, there was that bittersweet feeling — how we wished there were five in front of us, instead of just three, and so on. Nevertheless we were able to enjoy the event. It feels amazing to be surrounded by fellow Cassiopeia, seeing that red ocean~ It also feels great to know that we were surrounded by so many YunJae fans. Everyone around us were shouting YunJae at one point or another, holding fansigns. Even the Japanese ahjummas were also rooting for YunJae. Needless to say, Katie and I totally felt at home. LOL.

So yeah, because cameras weren’t exactly permitted, I had to conceal mine and be careful while taking photos. I only had my kit lens, and it could only zoom so far =_= Cherry and Joyce were able to take much closer photos than me! Haha! But eh, still happy I was there, and I can take photos of the boys! Here are some of the photos — not much, really.

JaeJoong’s outfit here was seriously perfect *_* Good frontal view, good view from the side as well~ AH~

We had VIP tickets, and were at the 7th row~ (more…)

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