I come bearing gifts! Haha ^^ Well, some iPhone ringtones/message tones for everyone~ (I made these for myself, actually : D But these are better shared, so here you go~)

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Message Tones

Cuts from shows / guestings / videos etc~  These are the shorter tones you can use as your message tones! ^^

01 [MF] title 키스면 by YooChun (10sec)
02 [MF] title Honey, you’ve got mail! by JaeJoong (3sec)
03 [MF] title “JaeJoong desu!” by YunHo from 2007 06 11 Bigeast Station (3sec) (p.s. This contains a very giggly YunHo, which I like very much :D)
04 [BOX] title “Annyeonghaseyo~ Kim JaeJoongieyong~” by JaeJoong from the Nintendo DS Fanmeeting (3sec)
05 [BOX] title No Gain (“Baby Uknow I can’t forget”) by JaeJoong from 2012 05 23 JaeJoong Fanmeeting in Taipei (3sec)
06 [BOX] BaekHyun – Baby, It’s Me

07 [BOX] BaekHyun – Baby, It’s Me / Do you trust oppa?
08 [BOX] BaekHyun – Do you believe oppa? Baby, do you trust me?
09 [BOX] BaekHyun – Oppa or MT?
10 [BOX] ChanYeol – Baby, It’s Me (short)
11 [BOX] ChanYeol – Baby, It’s Me / Don’t you have anything to apologize to me for?
12 [BOX] ChanYeol – Don’t go. Ahhh~~ Don’t go~~~
13 [BOX] ChanYeol – I’ll Hold a Concert for You

14 [BOX] ChanYeol – Oh Shit!


Cuts from songs and tracks : D

01 [MF] title No Gain (Chorus 1) by JunSu (30sec)
02 [MF] title No Gain (2nd Verse) by JunSu (32sec)
03 [MF] title No Gain (Chorus 2) by JunSu (37sec)
04 [BOX] title No Gain (Chorus 1) by JaeJoong from 2012 05 23 JaeJoong Fanmeeting in Taipei (40sec)
05 [BOX] [GE.TTtitle I-Yah! (1st Verse) by H.O.T (12sec)
06 [BOX] title In Heaven Remix (Bridge) by JYJ (29sec)
07 [BOX] title Mission (Intro) by JYJ (25sec)
08 [BOX] [GE.TTtitle One of A Kind (Chorus) by G-Dragon (23sec)
09 [BOX] title One of A Kind (Bridge) by G-Dragon (25sec)
10 [BOX] title In Heaven Remix (Bridge) by JYJ (29sec)
11 [BOX] title Thank You My Girl (Chorus) by Tohoshinki (22sec)

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