• Wednesday Wallies: Pastel Room Desktop Diary+Lovely Day Pattern


    Wednesday Wallies: Pastel Room Desktop Diary+Lovely Day Pattern

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    Feel Good Playlist + EXO Lucky One Phone Wallpapers 😀

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    2015 06 14 Seoul Summer: Morning walk around Hongdae

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    Happy Holidays! ^^

  • Download: Plaid Pattern Set 02

    Download: Plaid Pattern Set 02

    This set has been sitting in my hard drive for months now. /headdesks I actually have several sets lined-ip for posting! Let’s start with Set 02! : D Includes Adobe Photoshop .pat file 10 patterns in .png format 10 pattern papers (800x800px) in .png The .zip file is around 3MB ^^ CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Samples […]


  • 2013 Daily Journal

    There’s something about notebooks / journals / planners / diaries that I just love / cannot get enough of. (Or any deco/paper related things, for that matter.) My friends would know this about me — I always have this urge to buy cute notebooks, even if I don’t get to use most of them at […]


  • What have I been up to?

    What have I been up to?

    Five photos. I checked my memory card and it consisted of over-exposed photos of the sky, photos of my nephew, my camwhoring photos, and a teensy bit of other things. These five photos above are part of the ~other things~. I should be taking more photos… but I haven’t. My camera stays in my bag, […]


  • Wednesday Wallies: Hello There, 2013 + Beach-y Tribal Patterns

    Wednesday Wallies: Hello There, 2013 + Beach-y Tribal Patterns

    Happy New Year everyone! I am a day (or two) late, depending on where you are, but stiiiiilll! We are just two days into 2013~ I am excited! ^^ One of my new year’s resolutions is to post regularly, like, EVERYDAY. I missed a day already, and I vow to make up for it with […]


  • These days 02

    These days 02

    Can you believe there’s only two weeks left til 2013? I MEAN WHAT THE HELL where did the 2012 go? Haha. I feel like I’m breezing through the days. I’m still in Los Angeles, and I love the weather (except when it rains). ^^ It’s fall and so ah~~ The trees are all orange, yellow […]


  • NOTW: Sparkles & Teal

    NOTW: Sparkles & Teal

    After being stuck with gel nails for almost a month, I was sooooo ecstatic when I finally finished removing it from my nails. Mind you, it took me an hour to get rid of the gel, and my nails weren’t in a very happy state. I allowed my nails to breathe for about a day, […]


  • Until the Sun Rises

    Until the Sun Rises

    I don’t know why, but JaeJoong gives me inspiration at the most random of times. His latest spread on Elle Korea. The song that he composed/wrote for a junior, Baek SeungHyun. Put these together and OMFG I was in front of my macbook, I couldn’t stop. Graphic/WP: Until the Sun Rises SIZE: 1280 x 800px (Click […]


  • Wednesday Wallies: Classicelle + Coloride

    Wednesday Wallies: Classicelle + Coloride

    Why, guess who’s back? Haha : D I know, I missed the whole month of October, huh? >< I am going to try my hardest not to miss another Wednesday after this week! ^^ WW11 – Classicelle The first WW for this month is inspired by Kim JaeJoong’s latest magazine spread in Elle Korea’s October […]


  • A few hello’s + 2012 10 04-05 Oregon Zoo + Multnomah Falls

    A few hello’s + 2012 10 04-05 Oregon Zoo + Multnomah Falls

    Well hello! IT’S NOVEMBER! Can you say “fast”? I swear it’s like we skipped October… Okay maybe with me updating. I am so sorry for neglecting this blog! I had so much planned out for October that I didn’t get to finish and post. You could say I kind of immersed myself in this new […]