• Of Memories #01: February 2019


    Of Memories #01: February 2019

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    Wednesday Wallies: Pastel Room Desktop Diary+Lovely Day Pattern

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    EXO-L Welcome Kit – A5 Photo Scans + Phone Wallpapers

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    All this noise

  • Feel Good Playlist + EXO Lucky One Phone Wallpapers :D

    Feel Good Playlist + EXO Lucky One Phone Wallpapers 😀

    I’ve been wanting to update for so long, except everytime I start, at some point I lose my flow and just abandon the entry altogether. /facepalms My drafts are a proof of it, I have entries I wrote before going to Seoul, and entries I wrote in Seoul while staying there for a bit over […]


  • 2015 06 14  Seoul Summer: Morning walk around Hongdae

    2015 06 14 Seoul Summer: Morning walk around Hongdae

    Summer is in full swing here in the Philippines; It’s been scorching hot (an understatement, we are baked daily), and not a second goes by without many of us wishing to stay somewhere cold, or at least head to the nearest beach. Despite the heat though, I have to say I’m loving the beautiful summer days, when […]


  • Happy Holidays! ^^

    Happy Holidays! ^^

    A greeting before this special day ends on this part of the world! ^^ Time flew by so fast, didn’t it? *_* I can’t believe it’s Christmas 2015!!! I hope you guys are spending this wonderful day with your family and loved ones! ^^ See you in my next update! (I’ll be in Seoul in […]


  • Wednesday Wallies: A Very Merry Christmas + #HappyMinhoDay!

    Wednesday Wallies: A Very Merry Christmas + #HappyMinhoDay!

    Hello dearies! Before this day ends on this side of the world, I’d like to greet SHINee’s Flaming Charisma, Choi Minho a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe my handsome son is already 24! Even though it’s kinda late, here’s a Happy MinHo Day wallie for everyoneee! HAPPY MINHO DAY! SIZE: 1280 x 800px (Click to […]


  • A Renewal

    A Renewal

    There’s something about this word that makes my palms clammy, and makes me feel like there are a thousand pastel butterflies in my stomach. It’s both exciting and nerve-wracking, but there’s no other way for me to describe what this is. I am going to commit to embracing change, and this includes making time for […]


  • One Year Later

    One Year Later

    We’re halfway through 2015 now, isn’t it crazy? I find it unbelievable. *_* And hey, I’m actually /finally/ updating again. So much has happened in the last year — where do I even begin. (My last entry was in June 2014!) I’m sorry, I’m sorry — if anyone still visits this blog — for the […]


  • Have some YooChun on your desktop!

    Have some YooChun on your desktop!

    Is it just me… Or is there just a number of magazines JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu can appear in? LOL. If I’m not mistaken, YooChun was also in Singles last year? Haha. Sigh, SME. Sigh. Anyway I’m a happy fan with this month’s issue of Singles, and the feature on YooChun! I haven’t really been […]


  • How to go to JaeJoong’s Bar HolicJ

    How to go to JaeJoong’s Bar HolicJ

    As promised, here is the map / guide to Jaejoongie’s Bar, HOLICJ! 😀 He co-owns it with a friend, and they opened it in late February this year. ^^ To be honest I kind of find it weird that there isn’t much buzz about it *_* I literally did a lot of researching and looking […]


  • Saturday Morning♥︎

    Saturday Morning♥︎

    I was about to post on Instagram, when I realized its one of the reasons I rarely blog these days *_* Everything goes straight to Twitter or Instagram, because the apps are just right there and it’s so easy to just post! So I thought, I do have a WordPress app on my iPhone, why […]