Preview of Gmail’s new look

I’m over a week late, but it was only this afternoon when I noticed this upon checking my Gmail:

Clicking the link led me to this page, with instructions on how I can preview it. So I immediately went to the Themes tab, and there were these two new themes that serve as previews for Gmail’s upcoming interface~


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Rainy mornings

Honestly, I do love the rain. I love how cold and cozy it becomes when it starts falling. I just don’t like how it can rain so hard all of a sudden — it always reminds me of Ondoy, and it always signals flood which is a common�occurrence where I live /cries

These days everything’s gray and cloudy, and I can’t help but miss the sun, and the clear blue sky that comes along with it. The weather makes me feel a lot more lethargic, and it makes me want to just stay in bed when I shouldn’t! Haha~

Most days of the week are spent at home, working on graphics or sometimes I go out for meetings or to run errands for my parents. I can’t wait to get work, really! I want to keep myself busy and preoccupied, because if not, the weather is just going to keep me lazy.

Anyway. Because of the gloominess of things I listen to more upbeat songs. And huuu~ What better than TVXQ’s Hi Ya Ya right? Haha ^^ Here are some graphics I made out of their Hi Ya Ya photoshoot.

Hello, JAEJOONG TRICEPS! *_* Ah~~ This would be my ideal day — you got the sun, the sand and the (hot) man~

(Please to look at this! Who’s girly, huh? WHO? LOL! JJ IS A TOTAL MAN [this has nothing to do with YunJae, I ship them still. I just believe in JaeHo more HAHA])


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Perfect Day

As my days have been filled with the same old routine, I keep wondering what would make a perfect day? I thought of sunshine, a nice, cozy cafe somewhere in…

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