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Confusion at its peak. I feel like I'm pulled at, from different sides. There is that nagging feeling, that I have made a wrong decision (----but what does it matter?…

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2011 07 04: KCC + Magazines + Afternoon with brother

Last month I spent this rainy Monday to visit the KCC, which at that time was still in the works~ Together with Meg unnie, we went to see the place and also Ayisse unnie who works there ^^ She showed us some of the Korean magazines that just got in~

The KCC’s Exhibit Hall – still under construction~

😀 From Hedwiggg~ Hai Jaewook oppa! The other half with Dongwan oppa’s photo won’t upload ;_; I think the photo got corrupted or smth </3

Tons more photos ~


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August is ending, and Christmas season is coming up in a few days (In the Philippines, Christmas season begins on September 1st :D). How fast can time be? I can…

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