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Of Memories #01: February 2019

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A couple of days ago, I was hit with a sense of nostalgia, and with the help of the ever-reliable Wayback Machine, I went about checking some of my old blogs. I was honestly amazed at how consistently I updated, albeit not always with photos or graphics, but the thought that I wrote almost everyday feels alien to me now. Online blog entries, on top of the fact that I also kept a written journal back in the day!

While reading, it took me back to those years, reminding me of how I was that time, my train of thought, how an everyday felt like during that period in my life. I was reminded of how much I loved to write and record every single thing, how I enjoyed making lists, planning out my weeks, and the satisfaction I felt whenever I can cross-out tasks I have completed, or whenever I can format a list item with a strike-through.

My teenage self never would have imagined it would take me months, sometimes years in between at times now, to write an account of even the most important events and experiences I have had. I feel quite regretful about this, because now, even if I wish to look back on my 20s, a huge chunk of it I was never able to document or write about. A lot of moments both big and small forgotten ><

I thought about looking through the photos I have taken (not much to be honest), through the years, sort them by months and then days. And then maybe write entries of moments I can recall and recount! This way, even though it’s late, I still have something to look back on down the road.

Of Memories #01: February 2019

After organizing my photos from that month, I chose ones that stood out to me the most, and reminded me of little moments that now mean so much, given the current situation. (A pandemic!!! Lockdowns!!!)

CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - ID Photo Day

Selca while waiting for my ID photo to be taken. Around this time I was fixing my US Visa Renewal, and had to have a new ID photo taken to be included in the documents for mailing.

CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - Stationery from Cy Unnie

I looove stickers and stationery, so when Cy unnie said she would be sending me some, I was super happy!!! I still have these up to now, and use them whenever I journal ^^

CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - Park Chanyeol IG Live

Chanyeol went on Instagram live and had a Good Night Show (찬열이의 구빰방송), which he usually does on V Live in the past.

I miss how he would just play music or sing for EXO-Ls, music he was working on, songs he likes to listen to lately, play them on the piano or his electric guitar… Just to keep us company until fans fall asleep.

I could listen to his voice for hours and hours. I remember being frustrated with Instagram because I would rarely get notifications whenever he would do lives, or I would be asleep by then. I felt so lucky catching this particular one, getting to watch and listen to him after along time.

Eating Out

Despite being more of a homebody, it’s always nice to be able to eat out, either alone or with loved ones. Also, as much as I love to cook, and as much as I love my Lola and my Mom’s cooking, there are dishes that can only really be enjoyed while sitting down in a restaurant!

Case in point: A medium-well Salpicao from Dulcinea. Handsdown my favourite, and one I long to eat the most!

  • CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - CIBO
  • CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - The Wholesome Table
  • CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - % Arabica

Spent time with Friends

I actually went out and met up with friends! This is probably one of the things I miss the most. I’m not the type to go out a lot, but I did enjoy seeing friends (in person!) when we feel like it, or when we all have time to get-together.

CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - Ramen with Ate Vanjie

Ate Vanj and I met up ate at Santouka for Ramen! We don’t always get to see each other a lot even then, so it was nice to eat out and catch up.

CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - Dinner and Coffee with College Friends

In the same month, I also met up with my college friends – Tata, Sev, Rian, Reese (A5!), Amandy, James, and Lala, who has been based in Taiwan for a couple of years already, and was visiting Manila.

Other Life Things lol

I was also busy with CandySky Studio, and Phone Candy pre-orders. No scheduled trips for February that year, but I had pre-orders for cases, passport covers, and other goods. I was prepping for an Autumn trip in the U.S. too, thus the passport renewal.

CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - Pride Phone Candy
My favourite from the Phone Candy Pride Collection
CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - Phone Candy
CandySky Studio goods!
CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - US Visa Renewed
I got my passport back!

Later in the month, I received my passport back from the U.S. Embassy! My tourist visa has been renewed for another ten years. 😀 I was super excited because my Grandma and I were going for a visit in Autumn that year to attend my cousin’s wedding.

CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - Touya
Precious Touya <3

Here’s a snap of one of our pups, Touya (yes, named after Sakura’s older brother lol). This is his favourite spot on the couch, by the window.

CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - Pasta and Sangria

Tuna Pasta + Sangria while working at home, before my MacBook Pro’s screen gave up! (I now have to use an external monitor because it’s all just a black screen.)

I had weekly pre-orders back then, if I can recall. I had reliable suppliers, whom I’ve worked with for years already. (Sadly, these suppliers ended up having to close last year.)

Sunday evening mass, and then dinner with family, usually just at BGC because it’s near home. My younger siblings (except for Katie who’s in Los Angeles) were renting a condo in Katipunan, to be closer to Ateneo. On weekends, they would come home and then on Sundays, that’s when we’d have family time.

I just realized I barely ever take any family photos then. Lol. But I took a lot of Jadie’s photos during one Sunday~ She was wearing this super lovely dress too!

CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - Jadie at Uptown
Jadie in her favourite yellow wrap dress.

We could never get her to pose normally. This was a struggle!!! LOL it’s an inside joke, because when she’s asked to pose, she gets conscious and she would always end up doing something jologs.

CandySky Of Memories: 2019 February - From the bridgeway
And another bc I’m indecisve like that.

I just love, love taking photos from elevated spots, like an overpass or bridges. It’s an old habit, but I just love the symmetry of it. This spot at Uptown is perfect, and now, I’m kind of missing it.

And that concludes today’s story time

I’m sorry, I never know how to end entries now. Haha. After going through those photos, it feels rather bittersweet. It made me smile remembering how I spent those days, but also it’s a stark reminder of how different things are now.

I guess this only emphasizes the importance of living in the moment, something many of us (especially me!), are guilty of looking over. Always either anxious and worried about the future, or regretful and longing about the past. I very much need to learn to balance all three, in order to move forward.