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These Days 03: My WangXian Buns Stationery Project + Making My Own Notebooks & Stickers

I have been jumping in between different entries that I’ve had on drafts, but I thought it would be nice to share what I have been up to these days. A part of it, at least^^;

“Everyday Means Everyday” WangXian Buns Stationery + Phone Candy Project

I’m not going to lie, inspiration and motivation has come in bursts this year. I’ve been struggling as the year began, and being on lockdown, has, for the most part aggravated that. I have been trying my best to drag myself out of slumps, and one of the few things that have sustained me and have given me a lot of comfort has been Mo Dao Zu Shi (the novel, the donghua, the manhua, the audio drama!!!) and The Untamed.

I don’t even know where to begin to explain how this has been a sort of lifeline for me this year. I have managed to make it my happy place so far–the fandom is rich with talented and creative artists and writers. This meant an abundance of amazing art works and fanfiction, for which I am very grateful for.

Although I have been feeling rusty and out of practice, I was excited (and inspired?) to make something for myself.^^; I ended up doodling Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian Bunnies, and making various patterns out of it.

WangXian Buns Envelope, Kiss Cut Sticker Sheet, WangXian Gradient Case, A6 Handbound Notebook, Mini Memo Pads, Popgrip, BunJi Heart Case, WangXian Case in Teal

This pattern has had various versions, the earlier ones I used for the envelopes, notepad and the BunJi case (there’s a BunXian version!). The latest additions to the pattern were Chen Qing and Wangji, used here for the WangXian cases, notebook and sticker sheet.

Surprise! Here’s a desktop wallpaper you can use! ^-^ This is the earlier iteration of the WangXian Bun pattern!

I am particularly happy with how the stickers turned out! After so many tries, my Cameo is finally cutting right. The sheets are perfectly kiss-cut, I’ve been putting them everywhere ^^;

The note book is saddle-stitch bound with waxed thread. The earlier notebooks I was making, I only made use of staples. When my binding tools finally arrived (awl, needles, waxed thread), I knew I just had to make this (^ – ^) I followed Sea Lemon’s tutorial for saddle stitch binding with thread, and have been using it for the other notebooks I have been making.

Raw materials for the notepads and notebook I’ll still be making!

I printed so much of the notepad sheets because I was initially thinking of making a tutorial, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to work on that soon. I purchased padding glue and I am excited to use it and see the difference. (I was using regular Elmer’s glue which turned out okay.)

I have been enjoying making notebooks! My only struggle is finding local suppliers that sell specialty paper. Most only have either copy paper, or cardstock. The nicest I have is a really smooth 100gsm (I can’t! Stop! Touching!), and then just the regular 80gsm we have here at home *_* Hopefully I’ll be able to source better types of paper that I can use!

I am proud to say I have found uses for the notebooks I’ve made so far 😀 The traveler notebooks I have been using for long-hand journaling. The A6 ones (not in photo), I have decided to use for the online courses I’m taking.

Hello my dear stickers

I love stickers. As much as I love sticky notes. And it has been, idk a childhood dream of sorts to be able to design and make my own! And!!!! While it’s been a slow, on and off process, I have been making more of it this year. *\(^-^)/*

Gradient Holo, Mini Instax Stickers, CandySky Stickers, SeCat Stickers, Scene Stickers, WangXian Bun Sticker

While I have a cutting machine that I purchased over a year ago [and has been, for the most part, collecting dust], and a laminator for coating, the printer I have been using in the last year isn’t exactly ideal for sticker printing because of the type of ink it uses. Sometime during the lockdown, I decided to purchase a printer with pigment ink!

I have been reading up on, and watching videos about sticker printing, and there are different types of ink, but only a couple that are ideal for sticker production. The more affordable, and practical option for me right now is pigment ink, which allows me to print waterproof stickers^^

I have the equipment… but I need to work on more designs…………… : D

The latest sheets I’ve made are these gradient stickers with various shapes–(my favourite) clouds, circles, hearts, squares, hexagons, and pentagons. [Yes yes pretty basic><] But they look so cute with the cracked hologram coating! Would you look at that! All sparkly and magical and def giving me Lisa Frank flashbacks!

(For the young ones who might be reading this, Lisa Frank was a 90’s brand for girls known for their products with bright, often rainbow-colored, and sparkly designs. They made bags, accessories, stationery, and so much more. It was quite pricey if you’re from the Philippines and so it wasn’t something I could easily ask my parents to buy, unless it was for a special occasion, like my birthday or a holiday.)

I can’t wait to design new sticker sheets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But also, hopefully I can finish my journal spreads and show a bit of how I have been using these things that I have been making. ^^

I’m still thinking about what to do with these stickers, notebooks, and notepads (because lbr I can’t use them all), but if I get enough interest, I might put them up on CandySky Studio! This pandemic has honestly taken its toll on this small business I started back in freshman year of college (suppliers closing down, slower pre-orders), and I have been considering and worrying a lot about what my next steps should be.

For now, I guess I’ll keep creating, and maybe motivation will follow. ^^

How about you guys? What have you been up to? Are there any new hobbies or skills you’ve picked up during this lockdown? ^^

Got any questions? Don’t forget to say hi!