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Wednesday Wallies: Pastel Room Desktop Diary+Lovely Day Pattern

This Wednesday Wallies entry is long overdue, and I’m glad to finally be back with new wallpapers to share^-^

I noticed that my Customizable Desktop Diaries has been continuously getting a lot of visits, despite it being… 8 years old? I’m so happy to see it all over Pinterest, it’s nice to know that others get inspiration from it and create their own! I’m working on a new set, and will be posting it soon. ^-^

For this round, I’m sharing a Memphis style-inspired pattern wallpaper, and a simple pastel Desktop Diary 😀

Lovely Day Pattern

This one is named after the song by the late Bill Withers, that I have gained a lot of comfort from. It’s part of my Spring Playlist, and I was constantly listening to it while I was designing this pattern.

CandySky WW 2020 Lovely Day Pattern White
CandySky WW 2020 Lovely Day Memphis Style Inspired Pattern

There’s no denying that we are all going through rough times, trying our best to live through it. I know I personally needed a mood booster, even through the smallest of things – this time it came in the form of bold, colorful shapes on my screen. ^^ I hope this cheers you up too.

Download “Lovely Day Pattern Wallpaper”

Pastel Room Desktop Diary

This is a simpler, more minimalist version of my Desktop Diary. The original pair had full columns with patterns, with this one I chose to have a few wall elements, and yes, a random succulent at the bottom. 😅

CandySky 2020 Pastel Room Desktop DiaryCandySky 2020 Pastel Room Desktop Diary
This is my current desktop^^

I wanted space for other apps, like my music player. I also have moved on from Apple’s default Stickies app, and found a new love in the more customizable Simple Antnotes! This app allows for custom styling of the colors and text. You may opt for a solid or translucent background too. It worked perfectly for me because with I can make sure the notes’ colors match the wallpaper^^

I also like to make sure I have as little clutter on my desktop, and try to limit it to having two to three icons at most. The icons I have are “Rise”, my harddrive, “Sort” folder for screenshots, and “Loey”, that I’ve customized.

This is honestly my favourite desktop panel amongst the many (7!!!) that I have!

Download “Pastel Room Desktop Diary”

  • DIMENSIONS: 2880×1800
  • Right Click & Save As

I hope you like these new wallies from me! ^^ Do let me know what kind of wallpapers or downloads you’d like me to make for future updates!

Got any questions? Don’t forget to say hi!