EXO-L Welcome Kit – A5 Photo Scans + Phone Wallpapers


I received my EXO-L Ace Welcome Kit last year, and it came with A5-sized posters of the boys^^ I scanned them right away and it’s been sitting on my desktop for months, so before I transfer them to my external hd to archive, I’d like to share them here ^-^/*

A5 Photo Scans

Phone Wallpapers

It has been a while, so I thought that along with scans, I’d do some quick wallpapers for everyone^^ I hope you like them! 

To save on your phones, just long press + save photo! 

  • Please credit Mish (candy-sky.com) and link back to this post if posting elsewhere.
  • If sharing on Twitter, kindly tag/credit @candysky / @mishyeol.
  • Butterfly Effect Translation by itshysterie

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