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My first EXO concert in Seoul: EXplOration in Seoul Day 3

I have traveled to different countries to watch TVXQ!, BIGBANG, and SHINee, but I haven’t done it for EXO (except probably for the music festivals I’ve attended in Seoul in which they’re part of the line up). But guess whatttt. I have finally watched an EXO concert in Seoul! And despite promising myself I would never do standing again… I gave in, for EXO. ^^;

The Failed Ticketing

I think fellow Eris will agree with me that EXO ticketing is one the most stressful and cut-throat ticket wars there is. More often than not, I opt to just /pass/ when it comes to their Seoul concerts.

For EXplOration though, as this is the 5th EXO Planet, my friends and I all agreed earlier this year that we would try to watch the Seoul stop, until the dates got pushed back from Feb to April and then finally, to July.

We all made sure to sign up for ACE membership as soon as it was opened, just to at least have better chances of getting tickets, since the general ticketing has always been a lost cause. But once ACE ticketing came around…  We tried, but only one was successful (shout out to the birthday girl, Aya^^)!

My unnie, and my Dad’s sister, Cheri, both based in Korea, have also been looking for tickets, checking Yes24 every night, but to no avail. They hoped to watch on the 3rd day, and agreed to try to line up for tickets in case there we cancelled ones that would be sold at the venue.

So basically up until my trip, I was no longer thinking of watching EXplOration in Seoul. I was content with going to the venue to buy con goods, (hello I ended up with extra Chanyeol goods any interested PH Yeolmaes), and for the 2nd day, hanging out with friends til the concert is about to start and Aya had to go in.

2019 07 21 EXplOration in Seoul Day 3

Even if both Cheri and Anne unnie weren’t able to get tickets online, we all still agreed to meet at the venue to try, in case there were still tickets being sold. However, upon getting to the venue, there was no on-site ticketing—it was really sold out. ><

Since this would be Cheri’s first time seeing them ever, she was okay paying extra for the ticket, so we turned to Twitter and searched for resellers/those who were doing 양도. On the first try, we found someone selling an E1 ticket for KRW180,000 (Roughly PHP 8571) which Cheri said yes to—it was definitely cheaper than what you would usually expect for reselling price. She met up with the seller, and then Anne unnie and I accompanied her to the line, while we continued checking for our own tickets.

We found two more selling an E1 and an E2 ticket, and even if both of us haven’t done standing in a while, in the end we got both tickets for KRW150,000 and KRW160,000 each! The person who sold the E2 ticket to me was also a Yeolmae and even gave me a cooling strip because we’d be in standing!!! Eris are just so nice!!! ( ^ – ^ ) / *

Anne unnie and I didn’t get to take photos anymore, and had to split up to head to our gates.

EXplOration in Seoul Day 3
This is me opting to take photos instead of lining up despite having a good queue number. Yay me.

I had to leave my ecobag, and even my own cross body bag because it was apparently too big to bring in for standing. 🙁 I ended up with a pouch (that didn’t have a proper handle), and very few things I thought I needed. I ALSO FORGOT MY EXTRA BATTERIESSSS 😀 You know what that means lmao.

Inside KSPO dome!


My general self-imposed rule in case I end up having to stand during a concert is:

  1. Find a good spot
  2. Stay there

Which, thankfully, I got to do. I stuck somewhere in the middle, a bit nearer to the extended stage, but with enough distance from fans who will definitely be trying to get close to the barricades. I didn’t want to get pushed nor squished, so the spot I was at was the best choice for me. The only downside was when there are taller people that end up in front orz

I seriously, was so cautious about recording or taking any photos at first, because from previous experiences at SM concerts in Seoul, they have always been SOOOOO strict. If they catch you taking photos or videos (via phone or camera), or even recording audio, they DRAG YOU OUT and have you delete all the files in front of them. So I was so surprised when… no one was getting stopped from taking photos with their their phones. LIKE… I couldn’t believe it.

Anyway, best believe this Tita tried to record as much as my sore arms allowed me. I couldn’t raise my arms that much, partly bc I had a bottle of water, and my heavy pouch without a strap. LMAO. I have a lot clips, and hopefully I can compile them into a video or smth! For now, here are shots of the big screen haha:

My Thoughts

The Setlist


I’m going to be very honest… I felt lost and thrown off for most of the concert because of the setlist and the transitions (or lack thereof). The setlist determines the flow and feel of the concert, and with this tour’s choice of songs and how it was lined up, I thought it was really… a huge contrast from the previous tours. They opened with Tempo, Transformer, Gravity, and Sign. One powerful song after another. By the end of Sign, I, as a Tita, literally went, “napagod ako dun” lmao. You see Chanyeol just sweating so much, out of breath and you just know it was THAT exhausting.

I just found the line-up really weird, the jump to UN Village, or from Lights Out to What A Life, Wait to Power??? Make it make sense mommmm. Also I can’t even express just how felt like I was left hanging when they ended with “Smile On My Face”. ><

I really missed club time too 🙁 I discussed this with Aya when I got home from the concert, and we both agreed that the line-up wasn’t so good compared to the previous tours, but it most definitely showcased just how amazing the boys are, even if it’s just 6 of them on the stage, performing songs that were meant for 8 or 9 people.

My Favourite Performances
  1. Sign —  #Blessedt #Grateful THE POWER THIS SONG HOLDS.
  2. What A Life —I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG ;-; Granted, I’ve always prayed for a Chanyeol solo album or something, but when they announced EXO-SC, I was so excited and elated too. It was just like Chanyeol and Sehun to want to work together, and so to see them perform this in concert before it got officially released was so much more than I could ever ask for. Also bc knowing they’re not going to be promoting on music shows made it all the more special for me.
  3. Damage — My god. THIS WAS SO FUCKING GOOD like, it’s on a different level. Also, PARK CHANYEOL owned this song ;_; I got goosebumps while watching, and just… I thought my heart would burst from pride!!! His level of confidence, the way his dancing improved… I seriously can watch this over and over. Also, Sehun’s dance solo was perfect ; _____
  4. Been Through — This is one of my favourite EXO songs, BUT WHAT THE FLYING FUCK I DIDN’T EXPECT THAT PERFORMANCE ;_; Mr. Kim didn’t have to go so hard. I have to confess this left a mark on me. Also now I’m very confused bc I’ve been associating this song with the things that happened in December 2017 (I’m a Shawol), and now whenever it plays I also get reminded of Junmyeon’s performance. HELP.
  5. Confession — I swear, KAI IS GOD. When he performs, I just get pulled in, and I can’t look away. This song is so perfect for Nini????????????? WHEN ARE THEY RELEASING IT OFFICIALLY!!!!

I have to say, being there, finally being able to watching them in concert in their home country, made me feel extra emotional? I thought, “There’s nowhere I’d rather be, but with EXO”. Manila concerts are fun, and of course will always be my favourite, but it’s also different to be able to watch in Seoul, mainly because the boys have a different level of comfort and ease. And let’s face it – production wise, they’re able to do more there.

EXplOration in Seoul Day 3 - Ending Ments
The boys giving their ending ments ^^

Beyond that though, there was this overwhelming feeling of just… sentimentality? The boys expressed just how thankful they are to fans, just how much they enjoyed performing during the cons. Chanyeol’s ment really got to me. ;-; EXO always, always has a way of reminding fans just how much they treasure us, and I really couldn’t be more thankful.



Chanyeol’s ending ment made me feel so loved. Affirmations like this are something I never expect from the artists that I support, but for him to be so open about what he thinks and how he feels… Fills my heart with so much love and happiness, that I think it might burst. ;_; Thank you for making me happy, too, Chanyeol ah. For being my anchor and my source of light especially these days.

EXplOration in Seoul Day 3 - Chanyeol
Precious Chanyeol

Overall, I’m very, very thankful and grateful for the chance to be able to watch EXplOration in Seoul. It wasn’t what I initially envisioned (*seated ticket* LOL), but it’s still a very memorable first time in Seoul for me!

As I finish this entry, it will have been a month since EXplOration in Manila ^^; I watched on the second day with friends! Hopefully I get to write about that sooner! I haven’t written a long entry like this in a while, I almost forgot just how nice it feels to write and be able to look back on memories!

If you read, and stuck with my emo ramblings through the end, thank you so much!

I would love to hear about YOUR first time seeing an EXO concert (it doesn’t have to be in Seoul)^^ What were your memorable perfs or moments from that concert? Let me know by commenting below ^^

See you in my next update!

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