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Hello again + September weekend in Seoul

It’s been a while since I last sat down and wrote here.

I’ve attempted a lot of times in the past months? Years? But somehow it never got past the drafts. I haven’t published anything new for quite sometime now, and I personally feel regretful. It’s not that I didn’t have content to post, it’s more of how I lost motivation along the way, and that has made it a lot more difficult. 

I would often go through my old posts, and just miss how it was so easy to write and update back then. It was nice being able to look back, browse through old entries and past experiences. I know I want to be able to document my memories and experiences again like that, so even if it’s still a bit of a struggle, I’m going to try my best to start writing again.

So much has happened in the last two or three years that I have stopped updating regularly, but hopefully, I can write about those bit by bit. (Also I hope I have photos left, and they haven’t disappeared thanks to broken hard drives lol). 

September weekend in Seoul

It’s the last day of September, and just two weeks ago, I spent a weekend in Seoul. It was more of a business trip (say hello to CandySky Studio), but a lovely weekend getaway nevertheless.

This time around, Seoul’s temperature has started to cool down (August was just scorching hot this year), and you can tell that the best season, aka Autumn is just around the corner! 

Here are some photos from that quick trip! ^^ 

SHINee‘s The Story of Light Epilogue Repacked Album display at SMTOWN Giftshop in Lotte Young Plaza
This part of Hongdae at night used to be so dark. That building across with the Line / BT21 store? That used to just be under construction for YEARS. This wasn’t the most visited part at all, but now more and more hotels and establishments have popped up, it’s quite nice to see.
Sunday (also my last day) was spent with Anne unnie! We had Japanese food for lunch, and then dessert at YG Republique, just before I had to flashpack and head for the airport. LOL

CandySky Studio

The trip was partly for the all new CandySky Studio, formerly CandySkyShop^^ This is where I sell goods that I’ve designed–Cases, Passport Covers, Popgrips, Prints, Keyrings, Shirts, as well as take FAST ETA Seoul Pre-orders for albums, lightsticks and other official goods.

Seoul PO Batch 2 has ended, but Studio Pre-order for cases, passport covers and other CandySky original goods are on-going! Please do visit and check it out ^^

And that’s it for my first real update in almost 3 years^^; See you in my next entry!