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#CandySkyinSeoul2017: Yunho’s discharge from military service

[NOTE] I wrote this last year, but only got around to posting it now ;_; I have shared some of the photos on Twitter, but here are a few more <3 This post is almost a year overdue, I know. I’ll definitely find time to finish a proper fan account (as much as I can remember of that special day). In the mean time, I hope you’ll like these! 

Changmin has been discharged, and we are actually celebrating #TVXQWeek with their SM Station Solos being released and their Your presenT Fanmeeting coming up this 29th, and I just realized I have yet to update about going to the 26th Division to welcome Yunho last April. I’ve posted some of these photos on Twitter, but I’d like to put them all in one place! I have also missed updating here, it has been far too long since my last personal entry^^;

After one year and nine months of serving in the military, Yunho was finally discharged on April 20th. With help from other Cassies, Katie and I were able to find his division, and welcome him back ^^

We got there early in the morning, but even then, there were already a lot of other fans lined up and waiting. I know a lot of them went the day before and spent the night there. It was Spring, and so the temperatures were still quite low, so can you imagine the dedication ;_; Everyone really missed our leader.

We were asked to wait at the parking lot of a restaurant across from the camp, everyone lined up and sat down in rows. Balloons and banners were distributed, and omg. I can still remember getting emotional as we were blowing up the balloons. Like I seriously teared up;; This is it. He’s back. ; _ ;