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2015 06 14 Seoul Summer: Morning walk around Hongdae

Summer is in full swing here in the Philippines; It’s been scorching hot (an understatement, we are baked daily), and not a second goes by without many of us wishing to stay somewhere cold, or at least head to the nearest beach.

Despite the heat though, I have to say I’m loving the beautiful summer days, when the skies are bright and blue and the clouds look like fluffy cotton candy! (I’m serious xD) I also love waking up early, especially because it’s a bit cooler in the mornings.

If I could go out for walks, I really would. This makes me miss Seoul, and reminds me of the quick Summer trip I had last year. ^^ I have always vowed never to go to Seoul again during this season, ever since summer 2009. Mainly because I didn’t really like how it could be so hot in the morning, and then raining so hard in the afternoon.

Last year’s summer was quite nice though. Especially this particular Sunday morning! It was June 14th, I woke up early and got ready quick. I stayed in Hongdae (as usual), and headed out for a morning stroll.

Hongdae is known for its busy streets that are lined with cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, attracting crowds of tourists, and students. While I love a buzzing and energetic Hongdae, it’s always refreshing to see it so quiet and peaceful, and CLEAN.

This is what you’ll see out off Hongdae Station EXIT 9. At night there are food stalls here, selling street food! I loved just how almost empty it is xD


I commend these ahjussi’s doing the clean up. Hongdae can get really littered at the end of the day, so thank you to these men who keep it clean for the new day!

I love smaller, inner streets like this one.

At night, this area’s filled with buskers, their music and the cheering audiences. But that morning, it was soooooo quiet. A comfy kind of quiet ^^

On Sundays, stores open later than usual.

I really really really have been wanting to try this macaron place. I mean macarons for 1,000won? That’s super cheap! And no, I promise it’s not just because it has such a lovely exterior. Nope, I’m not attracted by the colors. I promised to visit it during my Autumn & Winter trips last year, but I wasn’t able to. I do hope it’s still there when I return this Spring! ^^ I’ll make sure to write about it then! ^^

This photo was taken inside the personal heaven I share with my sister Katie. ^^ Hongdae is home to Hongik University, popular for its arts and design programs, so you have this area beaming with artists and designers. Of course, when you have an art university, there will be art supplies stores, and Homi Hwabang is the largest of them all. I wish I could share more photos, because they seriously have EVERYTHING!

After going around my usual routes, I headed to my forever go-to cafe, Teddy’s Twosome Studio! I usually order a specialty drink that has Baileys if iced, and Kahlua if hot, however as of summer last year that seems to have been taken off the menu. I settled for an iced black, while contemplating on what was going to happen that evening, and my main reason for this (sort of) impromptu trip: the last day of TVXQ!’s Special Live Tour: TISTORY &…!

It was TVXQ!’s last concert before entering military service, an account of which I’ll save for another entry^^’

Okay, I’m missing Seoul even more now. I hope the next time I go, I don’t feel as lazy or as conscious taking photos. I do need to buy new kit lens, or a new camera altogether ( / – \ )

I just realized I have so much content I need to work on and post! Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take me a quarter of a year to update again^^;

I really would love to hear from you guys–what do you love about summer days? Are there certain cities or places you’ve been to that summer reminds you of? ^^