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One Year Later

We’re halfway through 2015 now, isn’t it crazy?

I find it unbelievable. *_*

And hey, I’m actually /finally/ updating again.

So much has happened in the last year — where do I even begin. (My last entry was in June 2014!) I’m sorry, I’m sorry — if anyone still visits this blog — for the lack of content. I had SO MUCH I wanted to write and share with everyone, but alas, I wasn’t able to make time. *guilty as charged*

From today though, I’m making sure I write at least once a week! 🙂 I miss blogging, and documenting my experiences.

Just a quick recap of 2015 (in no particular order, because I’ve yet to sleep and my timeline’s all cray):

  • BACKSTREET BOYS IN MANILA. 1st group I everrrr liked. Hello 1st-grade love, Nick Carter! HAHA XD Watched with unnies, got GenAd tickets — it was an experience. HAD SUCH A BLAST just jamming to their songs! It felt like the 90’s all over again. VERY. PRECIOUS.
  • KIM JAEJOONG HAS ENTERED THE MILITARY. Yes, this ought to be here ;_; I’ve always been praying for him to enter, so we could have him back sooner. And I’m glad he finally has! He’s doing SO WELL inside, making his whole family, and us fans so proud! ^^ I want to work hard too, so that when we finally get to meet him again, I can say I also am a better version of myself after almost 2 years! : D
  • EPIK HIGH IN MANILA was, what else – epik. 
  • Katie has graduated from the Ateneo! *throws confetti* Welcome to the big bad world, sister!
  • Katie & I were supposed to go to Osaka for Tohocon, but alas, my passport was nowhere to be found, so we had to cancel.
  • I DID get my passport back after a month (a student found it along the road somewhere in Fairview — whomever took it probably thought it was a wallet because of the black leather case and then threw it away upon finding out it wasn’t)!
  • I’ve entered the corporate world yet again. And this time it’s a bigger company *_* Totally unexpected!
  • On May 30th, watched TVXQ’s T1ST0RY Con in Bangkok with Katie and the CassPH Core! It was awesome. Cried even before the concert started. Went through a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the concert. AND HELLO, CHANGMIN’S ABS. And YunHo and ChangMin’s knees. Happy fangirl!
  • Two weeks later, on June 14th, watched TVXQ’s T1ST0RY Seoul Encore Concert with Aya. Impromptu Seoul trip for the long weekend. I felt like it was an end of a chapter in my life, in a way. I was in the standing section, like the very first time I was able to watch TVXQ (as five, also for a Seoul Encore concert back in 2007). So much feelings, so many tears too. But more importantly, so. much. love. This deserves a separate entry.
  • YunHo hyung’s entering… soon. YooChun’s entering in August. One by one.
  • My work phone — a Samsung Galaxy S6 (also the first android phone I ever actually got to use/~own~) was stolen last week = / SO MUCH HASSLE! ><
  • These days, work has been eating up my time. VERY MUCH SO. / _ \

Just a sneakpeek 😀

I’m back for good, that’s for sure! ^^

For now I’m getting ready for work! Haha : ) Have a great Friday + weekend, everyone!