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Have some YooChun on your desktop!

Is it just me… Or is there just a number of magazines JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu can appear in? LOL. If I’m not mistaken, YooChun was also in Singles last year? Haha. Sigh, SME. Sigh.

Anyway I’m a happy fan with this month’s issue of Singles, and the feature on YooChun! I haven’t really been touching my Photoshop (unless it’s CandySkyShop related), so pardon me if this is kinda different from what I used to make^^’


1280 x 800 px – Right click & Save as! ^^

There’s nothing like YooChun’s thousand-watt smile!!! *_* It’s blinding and contagious! (p.s. I still miss his old teeth!)

1280 x 800 px – Right click & Save as! ^^

I love YooChun’s style. Okay for sure there were stylists for this shoot, but in these shots, I’m pretty much solid this is how YooChun likes things – basic, simple and laid back. I WANNA POKE YOUR CHEEKS, HYUNG!

I was listening to Nine Days’ If I Am, and I just felt that somehow it kind of sums up how I feel about YooChun / TVXQ / JYJ, so I included some of the lines that got to me most! ^^

These days have been really rainy and gloomy, right? Make sure to stay dry, loves! Have a great week ahead~^^

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