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How to go to JaeJoong’s Bar HolicJ

As promised, here is the map / guide to Jaejoongie’s Bar, HOLICJ! 😀 He co-owns it with a friend, and they opened it in late February this year. ^^


To be honest I kind of find it weird that there isn’t much buzz about it *_* I literally did a lot of researching and looking through communities and websites, of both international/korean fans, but it’s not being discussed that much, nor are there much photos of it. But I guess it could also be because it’s a bar / lounge — not exactly the normal place you’ll find the younger fans hanging out at~  🙂

Anyway, I made this with the purpose of helping promote JaeJoong’s business! (Okay lah I’m mad serious, I think we should support him every way possible, and this is my little way of showing that lol^^’) I’m pretty regretful I did not get to find time to drop by HolicJ when I went to Seoul in April (only got to visit Cafe JHolic~), so I’m definitely adding this to the list of must-go-to on my next trip! : )

I figured this would sit much better with the older set of fans ^^; I’m definitely looking forward to hanging out here with my unnies! ; )

Map to Bar HolicJ



This is a pretty straightforward map, the location is very much accessible! : )

More Photos of HolicJ

PHOTO CREDITS: yuki7845-san
PHOTO CREDITS: yuki7845-san


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Bar HolicJ Basics

  • Owner: Kim JaeJoong
  • Establishment Type: Bar / Pub / Lounge
  • The place to go to if: You’re looking for a place to enjoy drinks and good music with your friends!
  • Address: 595 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Tel. No.: 02-542-7732

That’s it from me today! ^-^ Hope you like this new addition to your list of must-visit when you go to Korea! : ) Also, do let me know if you get to use this map^^ I’m really interested to know if my maps/guides are able to help other fans too^^ <3 A comment would be much appreciated! :  )

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