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Saturday Morning♥︎

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I was about to post on Instagram, when I realized its one of the reasons I rarely blog these days *_* Everything goes straight to Twitter or Instagram, because the apps are just right there and it’s so easy to just post!

So I thought, I do have a WordPress app on my iPhone, why not update here instead? ^^’

I woke up extra early today — around 6am! It’s probably because I didn’t sleep Thursday night and ended up dozing off as soon as Katie and I got home at 4pm yesterday. That’s 14 hours of uninterupted sleep *_* Haha!

It felt quite good sleeping that long, to be honest~ 🙂

Anyways, since I woke up early, I got read for my morning date with my friend Bricci! I haven’t seen her since we did a shoot for her shop, The Wiggle Room in March ^^’

I got to Subspace quite early :)) Been here since 9am and this is what my table looks like:



Stickers, my scheduler, pens and an iced Dark Chocolate Mint drink!


I made new deco sheet designs for The CandySkyShop! And haha ofc I should try it out first, right?(^_−)−☆



More stickers that I got during our recent visit to Seoul! I was running out and had to restock^^’ Also Katie and I are planning on baking a rainbow cake for our Mom and Grandma in celebration of Mothers Day! I’ll be getting the ingredients later today! ^_^

Writing / doodling on my scheduler and stickering — that’s basically what I have been doing this morning haha! Let me show you where I’m at — Subspace Coffee!



It’s empty right now but I kind of like it this way^^’ Loving their playlist right now too — mostly Korean indie which I love!♥︎

Okay, Bricci’s here^-^ Have a great day everyone! XD ♥︎*\(^o^)/*