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How to Go to EXO Chanyeol’s Dad’s Live Cafe

Um… Ayo whaddup? Haha! Okay okay the last time I was supposed to make a map was for JaeJoong’s Coffee Cojjee, which I never got to post, and eventually lost the files to.  I was going to redo it, until he announced Cafe Jholic and there was really no need for the Cojjee map anymore ><


Anyhow, after so long I’m here with a completely different map and directions  — this time it’s the map to the live cafe owned by the father of EXO-K’s lead rapper Park ChanYeol ^^ The live cafe is called 좋은세상만들기 (Joh Eun Se Sang Man Deul Gi) or “Make a Good World” in English.  : )


^Where this super adorbs photo was taken ;_;  (CR:

I’m also including photos I took from my super quick visit to it last April 17, before I had to head off to the airport for my flight back to Manila^^;

Hope you find this helpful! ^-^

Map to 좋은세상만들기

How to go to Chanyeol's Dad's Live Cafe


Going to 좋은세상만들기~

It was Thursday, and it was my last day in Seoul~ In the morning I did some much-needed last-minute shopping just around Hongdae. I headed back to Yellow Submarine Guesthouse to do my final packing, and found that I still had a little over an hour before I needed to head off to the airport.

I planned on going to Viva Polo, but since that did not push through due to lack of time, I figured I could still try and go to Chanyeol appa’s live cafe because Dangsan was only one stop away from mine. So as soon as I finished packing, I headed for the subway.

It took less than ten minutes to get to Dangsan Station. (I couldn’t tell the exact time because I did not have a phone at all then — I lost my iPhone5 on Monday, and then the day before my iPhone4 just died on me and wouldn’t open.)

Anyway, once I got off at Dangsan, I immediately spotted directions to Exit 3. You have to go down a flight of stairs til you spot this sign:


I made a mental note to check out Exit 4  and the Hangang Park in this area the next time I go! : ))


Exit 3~~ (Okay from here on it will be directions and photos to support the map above ^^)


1st photo: another flight of stairs, 2nd: Dangsan sign, 3rd: What you will see right in front of you. Remember to TURN RIGHT~

DSC_9352     DSC_9360     DSC_9361
01: You’ll spot Sky Swing Cafe to your left~ 02 Walking further, there is Brown Bean Coffee on the right. 03 Passing the 2nd street, you’ll spot this Dae Kyung building on your left. 
DSC_9362    DSC_9368

01: On your right, across Dae Kyung bldg is GS25! Just keep walking! 02: You’ll spot this garden and you’re already at Renaissance!


Once you see this building, you’re less than a minute away from the live cafe!

DSC_9373    DSC_9377

Once the street forks towards the left, you will spot this sign : ) It basically reads “Sing Along & LIVE CAFE | Joheun Sesang Mandeulgi | Hof & Live” 😀


And yay! You’ve reached the Parks’ live cafe! ^-^

Inside the live cafe & Meeting Chanyeol’s Dad

While I was taking snapshots outside, there was an ahjussi (whom I was walking with earlier) that entered the live cafe. I finished taking photos and headed for the entrance. I was honestly a bit hesitant, because I figured they were still closed (I was there around 3:10pm).

But since this was my only chance to actually see the place, I took a chance and carefully opened the door. I’m not sure if it was my imagination, but I could swear I heard wind chimes upon entering, so that once I was inside, there was someone who said, “Just a moment” in Korean.

The voice came from the direction of the bar *_* And that’s when I kind of got nervous~ There was an ahjussi fixing drinks in the fridges and he looked my way and I just thought “Omg wait is this Chanyeol’s appa???”


^ This is the bar (it’s on the left side upon entering~) 

I bowed and greeted him in Korean and he did the same. After he finished what he was doing, he walked over to me and again I greeted him properly. He told me that they were still closed and that the live cafe opens at 6pm. ^^’ I felt a little embarrassed tbh, but I told him it was my last day and asked if it was alright for me to take photos. He smiled and said that yes, it was okay~ ;____; I swear I was so happynervous then lol.

(p.s. I realized how difficult it was not having a phone. I wanted to spazz and tweet and message my friends on kkt and line but I couldn’t lol. I was however, carrying a mini notebook I wrote on to every now and then. But still, it wasn’t the same >< )

And then I started taking photos!


This is immediately what you’ll see upon entrance!  Yes, that’s where Yura was in front of the piano and Chanyeol sat playing the drums in the photos posted on their Facebook page~ 


From the side! (I honestly wish I got to take more /headdesks) Also if you notice the EXO symbols are scattered at different spots in the mural! In this photo you can see KyungSoo’s signature near his symbol^^ 

While I was taking photos from this area, the other ahjussi whom I saw enter the cafe earlier (and also went out again), just came back in. He had a guitar with him, and sat down on one of the chairs. At this point Chanyeol’s dad got bonggos and also pulled a chair and they were jamming ;___;  THEY WERE JAMMING. It sounded nice; I half wished I could record it ><


Chanyeolo’s first guitar with his signature ~~ 


And the guitar signed by the members! 😀  (In this photo you can see….Chanyeol appa’s shoe. LMFAO. And the other guy seated is the ahjussi playing the guitar.) 

Just a bit after this and I said my goodbye and thank you’s. I knew I couldn’t stay long and I didn’t want to impose. ^^’ I thought it would have been nice if I could go once they open and actually listen to the musicians who’ll be playing that night and maybe have a little drink too! But all that would have to be for my next visit! ^^’


So there goes my quick stop at Chanyeol appa’s live cafe! ^-^ It’s easy to go to, so make sure you drop by the next time you are in Seoul! ^-^ Keep in mind that this cafe and Viva Polo are at different sides. It takes about 45 minutes by subway  (from Dangsan Station) to go to Myeongil Station where Viva Polo is, so do plan your day/trip carefully^^

좋은세상만들기 (Joeun Sesang Mandeulgi /”Make A Good World”) is located at  14 12Gagil Yangpyeong-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea. The cafe opens at 6PM and closes at 2AM^^

Visit and like their Facebook page here:

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