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Lunch with the Noonars + Nature Republic (CHANYEOL) goodies !

On a super sunny Wednesday this previous week, I met with Saki & Donna for lunch! It was seriously hot and thank God Mary Grace in Serendra was not as crowded that I was able to get a table for us inside.

The girls are so much nearer now, after WMPhils moved to the Fort. I live just about 15 minutes away, but it was only then that I got to lunch out with them~ (Most of the time our schedules just never match on weekdays) Topics of the day included Suho and Saki, ChanYeol and my dishwashing stint at Viva Polo and basically normal noonar perving (we missed you, Aya/Baekya!)~


Had to wait a while for the food — I got this yummy fish fillet sandwich for a change! It was good, but I do miss their pasta! Haha ^^;

After eating we went to the new Warner Music Philippines office. This was my first time visiting the new office despite just living close by. ROFL what can I say, I’ve gotten quite busy these past months. It was great to see old colleagues after quite a long time. The office looked great too, I must say. (I totally forgot to take photos! /facepalms Maybe next time~)

And of course………….. I finally got my hands on these Nature Republic ♥Chanyeol (+Kris /kfineee) goods that Saki got for me^-^ (Thank you KriSakiMyeon!)


Kris and ♥ChanYeol mini-standees, ♥ChanYeol Lipbalm, ♥ChanYeol Photocard, and a NR Peppermint sanitizer~


♥ChanYeol lipbalm close up! It’s peach flavoured~~^^



I never used to care about these photocards you know orz Until I got myself a favorite member aka ♥Park ChanYeol haha! This one goes into my wallet rofl~ ♥

Although I’d love to use the lipbalm often, I’ll probably make sure I won’t. Unless I can be sure there’d be more of this that I can hoard on my next trip to Seoul. Haha^^””

♥♥♥ That’s it from me toniiight! : )

Excited for a mini-shoot Katie and I will be doing with friends later today ^-^

Have a great weekend ahead ^^

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