You are currently viewing [FANACC] 2013 10 12 EXO Banpo Fansign Part 2 or the Night Park ChanYeol called me “Meesh Noona” and I went to heaven

[FANACC] 2013 10 12 EXO Banpo Fansign Part 2 or the Night Park ChanYeol called me “Meesh Noona” and I went to heaven

This is PART 2 of my EXO Banpo Fansign Fanaccount! Hehe~ Congratulations on making it here, please prepare yourself for another long one shot, grab a mug of hot chocolate or maybe some wine and cheese, popcorn, steak whatever floats yo boat♥ (Again I’m sorry it’s going to be rather long   ;____; If you like, just look up your favorite member’s name?^^”’)


So bit by bit, while just shifting in place to try to warm myself up (freezing!!!), our row started getting closer and closer to the stage. There were only two girls in front of me, and it was my turn for the last album check — a staff took my album and browsed through it, again making sure there was no post-its with questions in it. : ) Apart from the name markers, I only had one extra post-it on Yeol’s page that said, “Chanyeol, you are the best” and that was acceptable. She returned the album to me and instructed me to keep it open on Yeol’s page.

I was staring at my album and I took a few steps, upon looking up it was the turn of the girl in front of me. I WAS NEXT IN LINE. There were two staff members on either side of me, and then just two feet away there was my life changer, love of my life, my first ever “bias” (sorry I still cringe), Park “the Best” ChanYeol. /insert crying inside my heart à la Kim JaeJoong oppa


[ 7:01PM ] omfg. This was the exact time that the staff on either side of me told me to move forward because it was /my/ turn. And there was ChanYeol, with his huge smile and his twinkling eyes looking up at me and as soon as I stepped in front of him, we both said “안녕하세요~” at the same time.

(I’m listening to the audio recording now, and I can’t help but twinge , because I sounded so *~shy~* PMSL)

^ The audio cut of when he said my name;; [I made it as my ringtone ><]

I handed the Growl album to him, and almost immediately he said, “미쉬누나” and then looked at me again ;___; My heart was fluttering so hard it imploded into a tiny million pieces! I fucking GIGGLED *~shyly~* WTF! And then he started signing the album.

While he was doing that I went, “찬열아…” and then he looked up at me expectantly with a smile (CRIES DIES) and here goes the fuckin bomb “넌 최고다!” *insert *~shy~* giggle wtf* AND FUCKIN HELL his face broke into this damn gorgeous grin and his eyes crinkled and he laughed an adorably embarrassed laugh and he said “감사합니다!”and that was the best thank you I have ever received in my entire existence.

I was racking my brain for smth else to say as he finished signing but cries I was just… I went to heaven and idk how when I would return. So I thanked him one last time and just look straight into his eyes with a full smile before I left to go in line for the next member.



After Yeol, I went behind two girls in line for Kris. But even during this time I kept craning my head, still watching ChanYeol from where I stood. And then fksjgks it was my turn for duizhang.

[7:03PM] Me: “Hey Kris~”
Kris: “Hi~”
Me: “How are you doing?”
Kris: “Good~” *reads the post-it* “Mish…” *looks up at me* “Noona, or no?
Me: /DIES A TEENSY BIT INSIDE “Noona…To everyone” /internally facepalms

Basically idk I just spent the remaining seconds staring at the album he was signing and then stealing a glance at Chanyeol. He finished signing and we said our “Thank you”‘s and then I left to go in line for Sehun. (Can you tell I was out of my self lol)


There was a long line in front of Sehun, so I had to wait for a bit more. ^^”

[ 7:05PM ] I got to Sehun and he greeted me “안녕하세요~ first, and I did the same. I handed him my album and he said my name really fast! Unlike Chanyeol who said “MEESH(ee) Nuna”, Sehun said it with the right pronunciation! Haha ^^ He looked at me and I said, “네~” He signed and I think I said something along the lines of “I liked your 앵무 hair” or smth. LMFAO. He said thank you and I took my album and then said my thanks too.

NOTICE: PLEASE PARDON ME BC after Chanyeol I really did not have anything prepared for the members. (For Luhan tho, I remembered Aya’s suggestion!) And so for other members it consisted of Annyeonghaseyo’s, staring at each other + smiling and Kamsahamnida’s. LOL.


After about 2 minutes, it was KyungSoo time!

Me: “안녕하세요~”
KS: “안녕하세요~”

I hand the album to him and he smiles while taking it from me (and lol SRSLY THOSE WIDE EYES haha) I remember wanting to say ‘You’re adorable’ but held it in bc who knows what would spill out of my mouth instead. After Chanyeol, I didn’t trust myself!

I smiled back at him as he handed the album to me. He said, 감사합니다! I, however, replied a “Thank you!” and (if it was even possible) his eyes widened at the realization and said “Thank you” lol RIAN YOUR KYUNGSOO IS A CUTIEPIE.


With Minseok it was really quick ;; It was just greetings and thank you’s, and then I moved on to Yixing. (I really didn’t know what to sayyy >< )


YIXING WAS just damn flawless up close. He smiled and there was that dimple and heol! I spoke in Korean, and wondered if I should say something in Mandarin instead, but again, decided against it. We said our thank you’s and I made my way to Luhan next.


Lulu. ManLu. Usual greetings, but while he was signing, I went ahead and asked, “동방신기 좋아요?”
Luhan looked up from signing and replied, “네?” I repeated my question, “동방신기 좋아요?” (Do you like TVXQ?) He said, “네! (Yes)”

So I asked the second question — “누구 동방신기멤버 좋아요?” I looked at him expectantly and he seemed caught off-guard. He went, “어…….타 좋아요” (Uh….. I like all of them) while flashing that pretty smile of his;

At that moment I thought, ‘Got ya, Manlu!’ Haha. But he really is good-looking, no? >_< I said thank you and moved on.


AND FML. Please know that Kim Jongin is the member I like second. I never expected myself to, but gradually, my heart just gravitated to this kid;

[ 7:10PM ] I approach Jongin and and and experience a second coming. I greeted him and he took the album from my hands (and fuck this kid when he smiles how can he do things to me just by that!!!). He read the post-it, “미.쉬. 누나?” And I replied, “네~” And he started signing.

This is where I die part 2: You know there’s a post-it with his name on the page, right? While Jongin was signing, the post-it got in his way. You know that gesture a person makes when he goes ‘tsk’? He kind of did that and took off the post-it, placing it on the table. I got embarrassed and I said, “I’m sorry > _ <”

And then he looks up at me, shakes his head (his bangs idk moving like in those dramas) while giving me an assuring (killing) grin as if to tell me “It’s alright”.

AND BAM I passed out



For the second time that night, I ascended to Noona Heaven.

I remember saying something more, and because I was so flustered, after he handed me the album I said thank you (and so did he) and I immediately walked to Chen’s line.



And here is I think probably the most endearing part of it all. Kim JongDae!

I was still in a mad daze from Jongin, but this kid right here was just soooooo thoughtful, so welcoming and nice!

Me: “Hi~”
Chen: “Hi!” He took the album and read my name outloud, “Mishie?”

I nodded and just smiled and he said, “Mi. Shie. Noo. Na.” while writing my name on the album ;_; Adorbbbs!
While he was signing, he looked back at me and asked where I was from in Korean. I answered, “필리핀~” And Jongdae grinneddd /cries he said something about the temperature “Today’s really cold!” and along the lines of  “Aren’t you cold?” I remember he asked another thing and I just stared at him because I felt overwhelmed! He was super nice!!! I felt bad just grinning like an idiot and saying 감사합니다 simply because my brain was no longer functioning! And his face was expectant of a reply too lmfao! But I bowed and walked to the next member’s line. I’m sorry, JongDae!

Bottomline: CHEN IS SOOOOOO NICE AND CARING AND THOUGHTFUL; I heard him checking on the fan after me, too. He’s really a sweet boy. (and p.s. damn handsome as well!)


Honestly, I never got around to listening to Suho’s part in the audio until now. LMAO.

Me: “Hi!”

Suho: “Hi!” *takes the album* “Meesh” “Muishhh” Lmfao. The staff behind him laughed during this time.

I think I just watched him sign the album. He said thank you in Korean, and I said “Thank you” back.


OMFG THIS IS ONE THE MOST EMBARRASSING EXPERIENCES EVER; Just thinking about it / listening to the audio makes my face heat up so bad ; _____ ;

I’m not sure whether I forgot to write a post-it for Baekhyun (ugh I know I did!!!), or it fell out along the way, but when I was right in front of Baek, THERE WAS NO POST-IT. He already greeted me with “안녕하세요” but I didn’t get to reply because I couldn’t find his name and so for like 30 freaking long seconds, I was fumbling in front of him. “Oh no!” “I’m so sorry!” “HEOLLLLL” That was me on record /facepalms ;_; I felt so bad, I didn’t want him to think I didn’t prepare for him at all =/ I was semi-scared to look at his face bc WHAT IF I PISSED HIM OFFFF or smth. And I felt like this because he was my favorite member next to Yeol and Jongin;;;

I spent the longest time in front of BaekHyun, he played with his pen and kind of hummed a little while I was dying looking for a photo of him. I ended up just opening the album to the first Baek photo I saw, and FINALLY passed the album to him, me all tomato red and shit.

Baek: “미쉬누나”  He looked up at me and went, “진짜요?”

Me: “네~!” I bit my lip so hard while he was signing ><

He still gave me a smile as he returned the album, and I said “Thank you” and walked over to Tao *_*


I was still flustered and embarrassed after Baek, that when it was time for Tao, I didn’t get to say much at all! ;_; He greeted me in Korean with a smile, and signed and I said thank you and bowed and hurriedly headed back to my seat.

Ment After the Fansign

We only had to wait just about 10-20 minutes more til everyone else was finished and back on their seats. This whole time Chanyeol having finished first was hogging the mic and playing MC! Haha. I haven’t really tried looking for fancams, but maybe I’ll edit this entry when I do find some! ^^

Once everyone was finished signing, the boys left their seats and kind of stood up on the elevated part near the front of the stage. Take note there was water in  between the stage, and where us fans were. At some point, I think one of the boys accidentally dropped a ring? Was it Tao? I can’t remember /facepalms

I couldn’t really tweet much because ugh a fanstaff was watching like a hawk and would stop me even from typing in my phone, SERIOUSLY =_= So these are just a few of what I was able to tweet:

— Mish열 (@chanyeolbemine) October 12, 2013

Chanyeol  is seriously just… lmfao. He kept asking Yixing who the best member was and Yixing just didn’t want to choose : ))



I’d be flipping honest — it was like “I just woke up” hair that he kept running his hands through and he looked gorgeous just like that with no hair products or anything;;

I think I tweeted this when Suho was telling fans they were beautiful?

Yixing is really most adorable. I really love it when he speaks in Korean, he’s so squishy and cute and handsome and yeah. Haha!

Chen’s turn to introduce himself and tell fans his message~

I wish I could upload the audio recording! Or maybe sub it, but my Korean is nowhere fluent so I doubt I can go beyond translating just the basic stuff that I understand! Haha ^^ During this whole ment, it was Chanyeol facilitating his members and like I said earlier, acting like the MC.

Here are a few vids I got to post on Instagram, but most of these you can only hear their voices:

Towards the end the boys expressed their thanks to the fans and eventually said goodbye~ The walked the same way back and got into their vans really quickly. A lot of fans followed suit, and when I mean follow they literally chased / walked with the white vans o_o That’s not safe guys!

I fixed my things first and hurried on to look for my friends who’ve probably been freezing as well while waiting for me~

I found Shine unnie first, who apparently stayed behind the crowd and watched the fansigning from afar. I believe this was one of her tipping points. LMFAO. ^^; We were both spazzing! Haha! We left Banpo and headed for Coffee Cojjee~ ^^

The End~

Okay man, that was really long huh ;_; But I’m really glad I was finally able to write that down. At least when I want to reminisce there’s this entry to go back to. I wish I could have done it sooner, though! ^^

Overall, that was a great first experience for a fansign. I’ve been to fanmeets, but this was the first real fansign I got picked for (after that 2010 JYJ in Malaysia one got changed from fansign to photo-op with JYJ ><). And I’m really really really just thankful!

Although I do have a couple of things I wish I remembered to do like: 

  • List down what to ask or say to the members
  • Get gifts! ;_;
  • Bring extra powerbanks or batteries
  • Actually talk to them while they sign and not just stare lol

Things to Remember about Album Fansigns:

Based on this one that I got to attend, as well as the SHINee Everybody fansign I also went to for viewing ^^

  • Taking photos with your phone, digital camera or dSLR is strictly prohibited.
  • Usually, they ask you to keep your mobile phones in your bag as well.
  • For signing, they discourage putting post-its with questions for the members because it slows down the flow and takes a lot of time.
  • Make sure you bring post-its to mark the pages where you want the members to sign.
  • Writing your name on a post-it and putting it on the album is also encouraged, this way the members wouldn’t have to ask each and everyone for their names.
  • Depending on the season, the weather and the venue, bring an umbrella, a small blanket or extra layer of clothing!
  • If you can’t take photos, next best thing to do is bring an extra phone or gadget or audio recording : )

Okay um, I think that’s all? My other friends who’ve been to fansigns as well might have other inputs too~ But so far, this has been a good experience for me! ^-^ HUHU Hearing ChanYeol say may name is a memory I will always always treasure hahaha ^^’  ♥

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