Are you watching BIGBANG Alive Tour at SM CINEMAS this weekend?

I remember sitting at home several months ago, dying of envy as I checked my timeline and saw VIPs from neighbouring countries spazzing over the BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Concert Screening happening at their local theatres!

Why can’t there be a screening in Manila too?‘ was a collective sentiment among Filipino VIPs then. We resorted to doing a petition, but months passed and all the screenings in other countries have ended. We thought the Philippines will be left out again, but guess what? : D Pulp Live World made it happen! VIPs rejoiced when teasers were released at last year’s 5th Philippine Kpop Convention held at SMX! : )

We had to wait a couple months more, but HERE IT IS!




Filipino VIPs, don’t let this special screening pass! Head on to the nearest SM Cinema in your area, and make sure you bring your friends and those crown lightsticks with you! Let’s relive BIGBANG’s Alive Concert together! ^-^

You can purchase tickets through : )

I can’t wait to watch this with Karen & Iya tomorrow! ^-^ We’ll be #TeamSMMegamall tomorrow! How about you? : D


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