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Lesson learned ;_;

I look through my entries and I realized I NEVER got around to write about my 3-week long trip in Seoul last October.

I know I meant to — because I edited and uploaded this photo of Celine unnie that I took in MyeongDong.

Celine unnie in Myeongdong
This is my pretty unnie, Celine, looking dapper in her coat, boots and that Wolf cap from BWCW! 😀

I’ve definitely learned my lesson – don’t wait around before writing or posting about experiences, events, basically anything that I want to be able to look back on; Now when I really want to post about it, all my PHOTOS are gone. =/

My 1TB external hard drive got stolen during KPOPCON5 ;_; So basically all my files, all my photos, all my videos, EVERYTHING — GONE just like that.


So yeah. From now on, expect more entries from me! I’m never going to laze around and wait for forever! Haha^^