Wednesday Wallies: Just Keep Trying + Rough Times & a little note!

So um… Hi^^’  I have taken quite a leave after that New Year’s entry! Not that I wasn’t doing anything — I’ve been working on the CandySkyShop! Do visit and you might find fandom goods you’d like ; )

Bringing back a new set of Wednesday Wallies! Hope you’ll like them ^-^


WW17 – Just Keep Trying

I’ve been missing home-y kind of stuff. So here’s my usual pastels, with a note that we should all always keep in mind, especially when things don’t go the way we want them to~ ^^


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WW18 – Rough Times

Upon finishing this I kind of thought it looked more like a texture~ But it would make a nice wallpaper as well, so use it as you wish  : )


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 And just a little note from me…


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