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EXO-K & SHINee at the 2013 Kpop Republic

Um…. Hi? ^^’ I haven’t been around in quite a long time, I know. But this is something I must write about, even if it’s almost a month overdue. *_*

Last September 7th, SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet performed at the Araneta Coliseum for the 2013 Kpop Republic Concert : D


For Shawols it was a very, very important day, because it has been four years since the first time SHINee visited the Philippines for the Fil-Kor friendship day, and during that time, TaeMin had to stay behind in Korea because he caught a flu (bird flu days, was it?). This time around, while TaeMin was able to attend, it was MinHo missing ;___; Our MinHo had filming and shooting schedules on that day, so he couldn’t make it. Despite the fact that only four could make it, I could never be happier! I mean I have seen SHINee several times, but of course it’s different from other Filipino fans, so I’m really glad that they were able to come again to perform.

Also!!! For me, personally this was the first time I was going to see Park ChanYeol. >< If  you have been following me on Twitter, you would probably notice my fondness for him ^^’ To be honest I felt like I breezed through most of the event (the presscon, the concert, and backstage), it felt surreal? Or also partly because that was a very exhausting week (we also had another event for work).

Nevertheless, I’m very thankful for having a very reliable core members (esp. Zsar & Gena!!!), staff and volunteers from SHINeeWorldPH who worked hard throughout the pre-events for the concert, the promotion and just helped me ensure we could pull off as much as we can for SHINee and our fellow fans. :3 I’m also super thankful to the core of the Philippine Kpop Committee, Inc., who had our backs all throughout and were very supportive.  *_*

Of course, *tears* thank you to MyeonSaki, AyaHun,  and Donna (Luna kk). ^^ KrisYeolHunHan~! Also ofc to Araneta and AA Productions for bringing in the groups and giving Filipino fans the chance to watch them in concert, also for allowing the fanclubs and the fans to do projects for them~ ^^

AND AND AND cries my sister, KateYoo and my parents who took their time to help me out with the CandySkyShop (very important, because I couldn’t really man the booth, and I couldn’t get staff in time but my Mom helped and she did the selling and stuff ;_; Thanks umma)

ibleed Wolf88

Sorry this turned into a Thanks To post! ^^;

On to the Eye-candies, yeah? I’m posting select photos from the Press Conference and the concert. LOL Select because majority of the ChanYeol photos are on Fire & Flight already. : D [[ Thank you Katie, Zsar dongsaeng, Vanj and Cla unnie-deul!]]


Park ChanYeol, Kim JunMyeon (SuHo or… JunMoan) (I have no words except: HOW ADORABLE CAN PCY BE???)


I was at the side around this time, so all I saw was his ((perfect)) profile ;;


Spot the JR


ChanYeolo, JunMen, SeHun. I think my dongsaengs took this for me, AyaHun and MyeonSaki. HAHA.


SeHun and KaiSoo lol

My kids! Since their debut in 2008, I have always seen SHINee as my ~babies~. Hehe ^^’ DSC_5914

Jingi and Taem; Let me just comment on the collarbones: C O L L A R B O N E S!!!!

DSC_5916Jjong and Kibum. I swear Kibum is flawless. 



Ah, concert photos. Honestly there aren’t much. I didn’t get to take a lot. I TRIED taking photos of Yeol but gave up /facepalms 



 By the time SHINee’s performance rolled in, I gradually stopped taking photos because I wanted to appreciate their performance *_* No regrets on that, really.

DSC_5078Like I said, Kim KiBum = FLAWLESS. There was just something about this boy that he stood out so much that day/night. He was radiating and shining *_* 


Hey there, maknae! Whenever I watch TaeMin, I’m always left in awe. *_* From that bouncy-haired boy who was awkward with singing, he’s become such a well-rounded performer ;_____________; Our babyyyy! (Lol umma moment;; ) 


This isn’t really a fan-account, I guess I’ll have to save that for another day. LOL hotel stories etc etc Junmen bowing down to MyeonSaki, AyaHun going AyaHyun bc eye-contact with Byun BaekHyun and such. HAHA ^^ Maybe next time? (OK I HAD TO PUT THE PUN IN, bye kris)

In other news…. I’M LEAVING FOR SEOUL IN 10 DAYS!!! /Throws confetti

SHINee‘s making a comeback this month! So is Youngbae! And JaeJoong! And hey, Block B is back too!

I have 10 days to go, but my heart mind and soul already left for Seoul. LMFAO. :3 I’m excited^^ Hopefully I can do some blogging/updating while I’m there and lol maybe play a bit of Bingogodz, too! 🙂

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