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On a rainy Sunday

Today Jade, Katie and I left home earlier than usual and took a cab to Burgos Circle 🙂 Like our usual Sundays, we spent it at Starbucks, Katie working on her paper, J3adie on a presentation for school and me updating websites while streaming Tohoshinki’s Time Tour in Nissan ^^


Non-stop rain outsiiiide *_*


Katie’s Hot Choco, Jade’s Chocolate Chip Cream Frap, and my belgian waffle. I ended up buying a new Starbucks card because I lost my first one D: Hopefully it’s just in one of my other bags or smth 🙁 It still has PHP 500, and several stars ok! Haha
>< I really like spending time at cafes >< I wish we had more themed ones like in Hongdae! :3


Selca with Jadie, who’s been trolling on my other iPhone =_=


My new bb, 1127ChanYeol the iPhone5! Haha ^^’

I miss blogging and updating and being able to keep track of the things I do~

Although I’m swamped with work these days, I hope I can write regularly now 🙂 So many exciting things are happening and I’d be stupid not to chronicle them and blog! *_*

Also aaah! The CandySkyShop is back!

I started working on it again around June ^^ The site’s been updated, we also have new designs! :3

Our Dad wearing CandySky’s EXO Wolf88 Shirt in black! : ))

EXO Wolf88 Shirt in white front view 🙂

I Bleed Pearl Aqua, Pearl Red, Sapphire Blue, EXO Wolf88 Black and White!^^

I’m really happy I can design shirts again! I’ve been in a slump for a while and thank God for inspiration in the form of a tall kid named Park ChanYeol : D

I can’t wait to go on events and booth! Haha ^^

Events I’m looking forward to:

– SEPTEMBER 7: Kpop Republic Concert (SHINee, EXO-K, Dal Shabet)
– OCTOBER: Seoul Trip
– NOVEMBER 3: Infinite One Great Step in Manila
– DECEMBER 28: 5th Annual Kpop Convention