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How to go to SM Entertainment (Old & New Buildings)

Hi! I come with a new map! And this time it’s directions on How to Go to SM Entertainment’s new building, located in the Cheongdam-dong area ^^ (The same route also passes by the old SM Ent. Bldg, so you can drop by there if you like!)


This one is more detailed than the previous maps I have made ^^’ Apart from the default map, there is an additional “walk-through” guide, both are in one PDF file. The walk-through guide contains more detailed instructions of this first route.

To be quite honest there is no public transportation that passes directly or totally near to the new building that is overlooking the Han River.

This first route I am sharing with you is one of the many routes you can take.

This however is more on walking^^ Don’t worry, though, because you will only have to make two turns and the rest are just straight walks until you reach the new SM Entertainment building : D


  • MF – How to Go to SM Entertainment (New Building) 

Feel free to share this with other K-POP fans! ^^ If you have any questions, or additions and suggestions, please do leave a comment below! ^^ I would really appreciate it : )

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Thank you!

P.S. This post is not here to encourage fans to camp outside the building or anything like that >< This was made for an unnie’s friend who just wanted to see where the SM Building is. ^^;

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