Wednesday Wallies: Pastels & Sweets + Grumpy Bear

First Wednesday Wallies post for this month! (And hopefully not the last!) 😀 Something different from the patterns I have been into for quite a while! ^^ To be honest this is the kind of illustration I really really really want to get better at. ^^ Hope you’ll like these~ : D

WW15 – Pastels & Sweets

Hehe. I haven’t done this style in quite a whiiiile. So in my craving for some pretty and yummy cupcakes, I came up with this! ^^




  • SIZE: 1280 x 800px
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WW16 – Grumpy Bear

I thought of making cats but then I remembered Lee Hi’s MV and I’m like, let me go try and make a bear. And then remember there’s that grumpy looking one too? So yeah, here goes Grumpy Bear lol.


  • SIZE: 1280 x 800px
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