You are currently viewing Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #06: Sunglow + EXO-M, SHINee, Song JoongKi, Kim JaeJoong Wallpapers

Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #06: Sunglow + EXO-M, SHINee, Song JoongKi, Kim JaeJoong Wallpapers

Hello! I come with a new Coloring Tutorial! *throws confetti* I know I missed another Wednesday Wallies post… But I hope this new tutorial makes up for that! ^^;; (A bunch of desktop and iPhone WPs in this post!!!)

Ah… This brings back memories.


1280 x 800px WP : D 

Now here goes a new tutorial ^^

CandySky Coloring Tutorial #06


BONUS: Scroll to the bottom of the post for the .psd download! ^^

More Samples

CS-CT06-S1   CS-CT06-S4
Pike Place on the left, a part of the Space Needle on the right : D Seattle 2012! ^^

 Chinatown, about a year ago. This is my favorite street ^^

Desktop Wallpapers

And eye-candy for your desktops! ^^  Both are 1280 x 800px  : )



I love this photo T^T



^Flawless Song JoongKi! (And heyyy this was shot in the Philippines!!!)

iPhone Wallpapers

^^ Don’t forget to grab some wallies for your phones! All of these are 640 x 960px! : )



Really JaeJoong …



Loving this shottt! But wait, Jingi are you sleeping..? Haha! 


EXO-M kids! This shoot is way too adorable, I must admit;; 




SHINee’s jacket photography has been the same since Juliet days, don’t you think? The colors work for them tho! ^^ I especially love this one! Haha… I think if you have been following my blog you would know why… LOL ^^’ 




EXO-M’s Chen & Kris~ NOW THIS… I am not going to explain myself. LOL. 


Please make use of this .psd as a guide! : ) Do not redistribute or pass off as your own. This is for your personal use only!

  • Contains: .PSD file of SHINee iPhone WP. Includes all Sunglow Tutorial layers.
  • TO USE: Drag “CandySky Sunglow Folder” to your image window on Photoshop.

Just a couple of notes/tips:

  • Remember that the coloring results also depend on the base photo that you use — depending on the brightness, saturation and contrast of the original photo, this coloring could produce varied results.
  • Experimenting is good! You don’t ALWAYS have to stick or input the exact values I have indicated. Adjust it according to your preferences : ) This tutorial can just be basis for you!
  • Practice makes perfect. It really does! Make as much graphics as you can, use it on different types of images and see what you can come up with ^^
  • Have fun! I personally think one can produce better edits/photos/designs if they’re having fun during the process : D

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