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There’s something about notebooks / journals / planners / diaries that I just love / cannot get enough of. (Or any deco/paper related things, for that matter.) My friends would know this about me — I always have this urge to buy cute notebooks, even if I don’t get to use most of them at all (not until after a couple of months or maybe even /years/).

When do find ones that I really, really like, I stick to them and use them halfway. And then switch. In a year I could use about three to four diaries/schedulers. Haha ^^” (I just like making sure I still have free space in them, so I switch a lot)

Anyway, during the last quarter of 2012, this is something that I have failed to do. I only brought one diary/scheduler with me, the JYJ “In Their Rooms” one, from 2011. AND BOY did I get bored with it. OTL So yeah, I doodle and write for monthly, and then daily/weekly and I just lost it and never got to keep up. I really do need to get my hands on new ones, and it’s quite difficult to find the style that I like. (Not much cute stuff over here, yo).

So last Friday, I was able to get off work rather early and decided to drop by KTown. My main purpose was to check if the Hello Kitty backpack that I wanted was still available at the Mauya store along Wilshire. But huuu just like everywhere else I have checked, it’s already sold out.

I decided I wasn’t leaving the store without buying anything to cheer myself up~ So I checked out their diary/scheduler/notebook display, and spotted this large notebook in my favorite color with white polkadots :3

And I was like, YEP. Definitely getting this. Haha. It had blank sheets inside, which I like~ So I went out a happy kid with my new notebook. (Mind you, I have become less impulsive when buying things. I try my best not to buy too much especially when I know I won’t be able to use it anyway. =p )

This is going to be my new daily journal/diary~


I started right down the middle of the notebook. I don’t like writing on the first page… It’s either the middle, or from the back. LOL. I know, it’s weird, but it’s a habit from childhood!

I tend to use nailpolish when I doodle too…. HAHA


I need new stickers. These are my stock from last year! They’re actually see-through stickers that I had printed ^^


I used Chinaglaze Custom Kicks for “Friday”.~


Someone needs to get more decotape…. This diagonally striped one is from Rian! (Thanks bb!) I have a couple back home but I only ended up bringing the two that she gave to me as gifts before I left^^~~


Ze whole page, if you’re curious. I KNOW I KNOW it’s the same eternal Mishie color scheme;; My pens and markers and pencils are all in these colors. >< I CANNOT HELP THE ATTRACTION haha


I was listening to JaeJoong’s “Your, My, Mine” Fanmeeting/Concert stream while doing this, thus “One Kiss” and “Mine” doodles.


I don’t have my sister’s skillz for sleek, clean lettering. I’m more like YooChun when it comes to these things. (aka slightly lazy, but I do it anyway because I like it).


My pens/crayon pencils. You see what I mean about my colors? LOL

I’ve actually been maintaining this for three consecutive days now! ^^ Hopefully it continues, I need something that I actually get to do regularly. I need to get that discipline back, even if it’s just keeping journals. ^^

How about you guys? Do you keep journals too? ^^ Hehe~

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