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These days 02

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Can you believe there’s only two weeks left til 2013? I MEAN WHAT THE HELL where did the 2012 go? Haha. I feel like I’m breezing through the days.

I’m still in Los Angeles, and I love the weather (except when it rains). ^^ It’s fall and so ah~~ The trees are all orange, yellow and brick red, really lovely to look at. (But somehow — nothing beats autumns in Seoul.)


Took a much-needed walk last week. And heh you know how in Rugrats they used to love playing with the autumn leaves? It took much resolve not to do that. LMAO. I don’t mind being alone, but there are times when things would be so much fun with a companion. I mean like u-know, playing with fallen leaves. If I were to do that alone I would look hella stupid D:


Over the weekend I decided I would do a post on the nailpolish I have so far. I think I have like twenty+? I wanted to swatch them all and make a post, but orz I got bitten by the ~let’s do it later~ bug. So that post will have to wait.


Back in October, I bought a doughnut bun from Claire’s. My hair’s pretty thin, so I can’t really make those cute dressy buns without making use of a doughnut bun!~ Been using it a lot so far and hehe it’s really convenient! :3


Canon Drive. Whenever I’m getting off at Wilshire and going to KTown, this is what we take. On days like today it’s Beverly Drive.


So I finally got a new set of Prang watercolors. The salesperson at Top’s Art Supplies in KTown told me, “They’re for kids”, but I’m like, it’s what I’m used to /fond of using, so I’ll stick to it. Haha.

I wish I could take painting classes. I love it — it just gives me this sense of tranquility I rarely get >< And God knows I could do with more productive things.


I finally bought a new case after months. I have this habit of sticking to what I have, unless it’s ultimately broken. So yeah, my stuff tends to be all worn-out already before I think of replacing them. I have been itching for a new iPhone case for ages now, and mannnn they’re mad pricey here! I ain’t paying $25-30 for a cheap-looking case, America! ><

I was lucky to find this cute pink and mint Speck case at a store in Koreatown Galleria.

photo_8 photo_9

Yes, of course old habits die hard. AKA I still camho a lot. :3


My lunch today! Haha I’ve been skipping lunch when I go out>< But today I’m like eff that shiz I’m eating. So I went to Chipotle and ordered a chicken bowl. And like halfway through it I was dying from fullness. It’s prolly one of the cheapest meals you can get over here. A chicken bowl is about $7. And to be honest it can feed two hungry people. It’s just that America has crazy servings. =| I will not be forced to eat this anymore in one seating. LOL.

Right now I’m chilling at Starbucks Beverly Drive. :3 I can stay here for hours, working on stuff. I just love the atmosphere over here. The staff are really nice too. And unlike in the Philippines, Starbucks in the USA have free wifi courtesy of AT&T. SO HURR this is my hangout away from home. (Or well, Tom N Tom’s in KTown when I get tired of Beverly Hills).

I know I know I need to do more “touristy” stuff. Like go to LACMA and the Getty Center. And oh wait— DISNEYLAND FML. 🙁 I need someone to go with! D: PAGING KATIE!

Haha. Okay. I’m gonna go continue working on stuff now 🙂 And look forward to a Wednesday Wallies post! : D

Have a great day!

<3 Mishie

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