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NOTW: Sparkles & Teal

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After being stuck with gel nails for almost a month, I was sooooo ecstatic when I finally finished removing it from my nails. Mind you, it took me an hour to get rid of the gel, and my nails weren’t in a very happy state. I allowed my nails to breathe for about a day, and then worked on painting it again! : D

Nothing makes me happier than colorful nails, and also using my favorite colors~

This time I used:

  • SinFul Colors in Glass Pink
  • Love & Beauty in Avocado
  • Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat (as base too!)


Le Right handdd  🙂 Pretty simple nail art, and yes I do like French tips a lot, and also I don’t like filling out my whole nail bed as much as possible. (This allows my nails to grow faster hehe)

I wish the sparkly pink would show more *_*

Left hand! ^^

I knoooow it’s nothing fancy, but oh god the photos doesn’t do Sinful Colors’ Glass Pink any justice! It’s a nice ballerina pink with pretty fine sparkles! *_* I can stare at it all day! HAHA :3

And btw, I have found a KEEPER in Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat. I am DEFINITELY recommending it. Apart from the fast drying time, it makes your lacquer really glossy too! And if ever while drying your lacquer there happens to be like ridges, once you put on the topcoat, it totally fills in those ridges and smoothens it out! So far, no chipping at all^^ Also, unlike other polishes it doesn’t yellow out once it dries, and so if you like using lacquers in teals and aquas you don’t have to worry about it turning greeny when you apply topcoat.


I am thinking of changing nail art for next week, but I really just love this combination so much! And since it hasn’t chipped on me yet, I might keep it for another five days or so! And then it’s time to do holiday nails! : D

It’s Thanksgiving over here! (My first one haha!) Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ^^I know we don’t celebrate it in the Philippines but I’d like to say Thank you anyway~~ Thank you for visiting CandySky!!! ^^ I really appreciate it ^-^

Have a great day! : )