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Until the Sun Rises

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I don’t know why, but JaeJoong gives me inspiration at the most random of times.

His latest spread on Elle Korea. The song that he composed/wrote for a junior, Baek SeungHyun. Put these together and OMFG I was in front of my macbook, I couldn’t stop.

Graphic/WP: Until the Sun Rises

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I love Elle Korea. I have said that sooooo many times. Their concepts, the style, the execution — it never fails to have a huge impact on me; And JaeJoong’s music — I don’t even know where to begin. Even if he’s not the one singing it, you know it’s his words, it’s his emotions all in that piece.

Whenever I listen to JaeJoong’s music, it always makes my heart want to leap out of my ribcage. Yes.

Okay Mish, what is this, a tribute to JaeJoong entry? I don’t know. Haha ^^

But that graphic up there… I hope you like it~ After making that I feel like I can take on work again. :3


Bonus: JaeJoong iPhone Wallpapers (Elle Photoshoot)

I wanted the Elle shoot on my iPhone, so I made 320x480px iPhone wallies! : ) Just right click, and Save As ^^



That’s it for nowww! ^^ Promise to update with more soon + a little life update! Haha 🙂

Have a good day!


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