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A few hello’s + 2012 10 04-05 Oregon Zoo + Multnomah Falls

Well hello! IT’S NOVEMBER! Can you say “fast”? I swear it’s like we skipped October… Okay maybe with me updating. I am so sorry for neglecting this blog! I had so much planned out for October that I didn’t get to finish and post. You could say I kind of immersed myself in this new environment πŸ™‚

So how have you guys been? How was October? I know for college kids back home it was sembreak, right? : D I hope you all enjoyed your breaks! I’m sure my dongsaeng, Katie (from LacquerLust) enjoyed her week in Seoul! *INSERT JELLY MISH RIGHT HUUUURRR* (I can’t wait til she blogs about it! She finally saw YunHo and ChangMin! ^^)

Okay can you see I’m spazzing over my sister’s trip? Haha. How about I spazz about MY Portland/Seattle/Los Angeles ~escapades~ for the past forty days? Haha!

I actually uploaded photos to post… last week. And now they will finally experience the “publish” button!

Since I spent about ten days in Portland, Oregon, I’m splitting it into two entries : D

Oregon Zoo!

First real day was spent at the Oregon Zoo + Downtown Portland with my cousin, Richelle~

 This polar bear was soooo squishy. Omg! It was kind of early and he was still lying down. I actually took a video of him rolling around haha! So cute! (Lol this is YunHo! HAHAHA)  

So ofc I can’t miss the elephants, I mean come on! HEH. Can you tell the photo’s not in focus? I only brought my portrait lens and it had no autofocus so erm… I TRIED MY BEST :3



 Lions! I love them big cats srsly =3 Prolly my favorite animal!



This tiger was so adorbs! It kept circling and going to the back, but never really going up front. Haha. So we waited…

Haha this was the nearest I could captuuuure. OMG damn gorj cat ;_;

They were putting up lights all over the zoo’s pathways… My cousin says it looks really beautiful when lit!

 Subwayyyy. I like Portland’s transporation, really.

 We headed downtown and Chelle took me to Cafe Yumm! : )

 While waiting for the bus back πŸ™‚

 Drinking fountain :3

Multnomah Falls

Based on what I have read, Oregon has a number of falls that are popular tourist attractions. : D My aunt and cousin took me to Multnomah Falls!

On the way there we had quite a crazy ride. Like when I say crazy — this means ending up in a rough road in the mountains. Steep, cliff by your side kind of rough road. This was because the usual route to the falls was under construction, and so we had to take a different route. We weren’t really sure if the end of the road was going to be a dead end or smth. There we NO cars at all, and it would be crazy to even turn back, we can’t make a u-turn, else we’ll fall off the road! Haha. Imagine us sighing in relief once we saw the road and other cars. *_* Tita was pretty shaken, but we were all laughing after we’ve passed it! I think it was almost a one-hour ride… And we ended up spending half the time (or less!) at Multnomah Falls! : ))

I’m just happy and thankful we were safe anddd I got to see Multnomah! ^^ : D Here are a few photos!

Otw to Multnomah~

Doesn’t this remind you of a bigger version of Hagrid’s Hut? Hehe πŸ˜€

The lower part of the falls!  It was gorgeous, BUT TOTALLY FREEEEEZING!!!

We didn’t go up anymore because it was really cold and there were a lot of people : D Maybe next time!

Tita Baby and Richelle!β™₯

 Had this icecream sandwich the size of a freaking burger! It was soooo good but lmao I couldn’t finish it at all!

So there goes my Portland update part 1! ^^ I hope the amount of photos didn’t kill your browsers! Hehe~
I really really really miss blogging, so there will be more soon! As well as new Wednesday Wallies! Watch out for a super WW post, to make up for all the Wednesdays I have missed! Same goes with Thursday Three! ^^
Thank you for reading! : )
<3 Mish