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Don’t you worry, we’ll all float on

Hi : ) I know I went missing since that last Wednesday Wallies post. Things got crazy, and my flight date got nearer and nearer that I drowned in last-minute preparations (packing + shopping for necessities etc).

It’s been a week and a day since I landed on the City of Angels. Time is fast, yes? Haha. I kept telling myself that I’ll update once I get here, but I did not have time at all. Am I doing touristy stuff? Yes. And no. I’m staying with my Uncle and Aunt (thank youuu!), but since they have work, they drop me off at spots during the day, I go around (or hangout) and they pick me up after ^^ Hur, yes I am experiencing the epic problem of not being able to go around because of the lack of knowledge about LA public transportation. I am pretty intimidated by it, to be quite honest; (As of now I will take the Seoul Metro any given time).

Anyways, I knooow I owe you a ton more than this. But I have tons to do today and I’ll be heading over to Portland, Oregon in the afternoooon, and so for now here are some photos taken during my flight, and my past eight days in Los Angeles : D

2012 09 25

Lol, happy fangirl heart when I saw this at the Music Plaza in Koreatown Plaza


 2012 09 26

2012 09 29

Redondo Beach with Ate Ayisse (goldengutgirl/@tearsairport) and her parents!!! [thank you~~] ^^ First time going to a beach in LA :3 And huuu it’s gorgeous~~


I knoooow that is not a lot; I missed a lot of days too. Instead of taking photos using ChangMin, I’ve been taking more using 6002theMicky, and posting on Instagram [follow me 😀 I’m using candysky]. :3 Actually I have been taking photos less and less these days, I don’t know why ><

I’m going to try and take more photos! Haha ^^’ I’m still trying to familiarize myself in this city, and adjusting. I know it’s going to take a while~

I will be going to Portland, Oregon for ten days! ^^ It will be my first time to visit the state and I’m really excited :3 I hope I write more entries and updates while I’m there! : D

That’s all for now, loves! Have a great day everyone~~^^