Wednesday Wallies: Minty Tribal Patterns + Day Break

Yayyy! ^^ First Wednesday Wallie entry for this month! ^-^

WW09 – Minty Tribal Patterns

Doesn’t this look quite summer-y? : D Wanted to try out different kinds of patterns and finished with this! ^^~~ I need more inspiration for new stuff, really! (And a change in color palette, too!)

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WW10 – Daybreak

This is a lot plainer than the previous one, I know :3 But this is my typical break food! Cupcake (or any pastry), hot double vanilla tea latte or hot chocolate^^v~

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I hope you guys’ll like theseee ^^ I had fun making them~ I’ll try my best not to skip a WW day ^-^
Also, what is your computer’s resolution? Do let me know so I can make wallies available in other resolutions : D
Thank youuu! ^^

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