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Hello loves! How are you these days? ^^ I’m sorry for the lack of updates. These past several days, I haven’t had time to sit down and blog. I have been preparing for some major changes in the coming weeks and honestly, I am having a tough time. ㅠ

I am thankful for friends who’ve been so patient, listening to me and giving me advice. I kind of need a lot of that right now. Also the blues have been winning lately… I’m thankful I can turn to twitter to find stuff that can cheer me up somehow^^’

And who’d be best to cheer me up other than Mr. Kim JaeJoong? I woke up and found an alert that he had tweeted hours prior… And a photo so heart-warming and adorable appeareddd! JaeJoong kissing his baby niece!  This is my current wallpaper, I don’t think I’ll change it for a long time!

I love babies, I love children, and I love KJJ. /cries happy tears This photo — isn’t it just the sweetest thing? Hee^^’

Selca in the car on the way to… I can’t remember where. But these days I am only with my family for most of the time. Like. 99.98% of my time are spent with my family. I love them but… I think I might go crazy. /OTL

Last Thursday, I didn’t sleep and just dressed up and declared I was gonna go somewhere. I mean I was questioned (as usual…) and of course I had to reason. My problem is suffocation, and the fact that I only get to go out when I’m with family is driving me crazy. My productivity and creativity levels fall to zero. I love my alone times, and last week I just really felt the need to go and have one.

I rode with my siblings to school, and after Katie was dropped off at Ateneo, I told my parents I’ll be staying at CBTL in Katipunan. First time going there, because back when I was a student (lol a little under two years ago…) we had no CBTL in Katip! Haha.

I stayed there for the WHOLE day. Which was a pleasant change, really. Trishy dongsaeng stopped by for lunch and we ate at Peanut Butter & Co., and then hung out at CBTL again until it was time for her next class. : ) I waited for Katie, and we fetched our siblings from school after.

Sunday Sunset. I love sunsets, really. I think Manila has such beautiful sunsets that I always feel the need to see it *_*

So on Sunday, we went home to our old house in Taguig. Most of my belongings are still in our room~ I remembered I had my TVXQ Rising Sun Repackaged Album shelved, and took it out. I haven’t browsed through it for years… Seeing the photobook brought back a lot of memories from high school. I took random photos of the pages, like this one. Lol at YunHo and the wig he’s wearing. And so much love for YooChun. That shot is from a their Smart CF shoot and is one of my favorite photos of YooChunnie;

Looking back like this, I am amazed at how long I have liked them… I also wonder if I will ever stop liking them or supporting them… Will that time ever come? : ) Dad has been telling me it’s time to set these boys aside and focus on other things. And I just keep asking myself, how do I get used to life completely without TVXQ? Haha ^^’

Korean chocolate fudge icecream dipped in Makgeolli! 

Yesterday afternoon, I pleaded to go out and stay at a nearby teaplace. It’s still a hundred-peso cab ride away, but I just had to get away (again). And thank the heavens I was allowed~ Haha. I stayed there, worked on stuff and sent out e-mails. I was craving for some samgyupsal as well, and just decided to eat out with Trishy who’s been wanting to eat out as well, and also Katie who was coming from class. I waited for my two dongsaengs, and we had dinner at Jangganae along Escriva St. : )

OMG nothing like a lot of banchan, samgyupsal and soju! I love Korean food, and I can seriously live just eating hansik! Haha~ After that we moved to another restaurant just beside Jangganae, called Happy Six Days. The BBPH Crew (BBPH Fanclub Staff) are always hanging out there and finally, we could try it out!

At Happy Six Days we ordered chicken, ddeokbokki, kimbap, and a huge bottle of makgeolli! :3 We literally filled ourselves up. And oh, it was nice drinking with dongsaengs. Katie couldn’t finish her makgeolli (also bc she had school the next day), but Trishy continued drinking with me, so yayyy! ^^ (Yay for friends with high alchohol tolerance! LOL)

We parted ways after that and went home. :3 OMG if only I can have samgyupsal everyday. /cries

Today (Tuesday) is probably the slowest of days. I know I did a lot, but for some reason it seems so blurry to me. Haha. Tomorrow there’s more to be done and woohoo I’m going out to book my flight and meet with an unnie to discuss a project : ) And also, hopefully I can post up a new Wednesday Wallies entryyy! ^^

That’s all for now~


Mish ^^