You are currently viewing Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #05: Uncommitted + TVXQ JYJ Lee YeonHee G-Dragon iPhone Wallpapers

Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #05: Uncommitted + TVXQ JYJ Lee YeonHee G-Dragon iPhone Wallpapers

I have to admit, I have been feeling quite blue lately… Been trying to distract myself by trying to do happy things, but it doesn’t seem to work, and external factors just keep adding to the not-so-good feeling : (

Anyhow, here is my fifth coloring tutorial. Loosely inspired by TVXQ/JYJ’s Xiah Kim JunSu’s Uncommitted Music Video, which you should most definitely watch here:

The Uncommitted MV had a bit of purplish-gray coloring going on, with colors muted and lens flares here and thereee. Which suited the song, IMHO : D I love this MV tons! Hehe ~

I give you YooChun, looking every bit the brooding handsome boy that he is haha~

Super gorgeous, modelesque pair Lee YeonHee and Shim ChangMin ^^

GDRAGON / Kwon JiYong Wallpaper! (1280 x 800px) ^^

CandySky Coloring Tutorial #05: Uncommitted

Brings out more of the purple/blue colors, and also adds a grayish color to the image ^^

Okayyy these aren’t the best light / lensflare textures out there but I’m doing this post on a rush and hihi with proper blending you can get the Uncommitted effect just by using these two! 😀

Remember, place them above the adjustment layers, and set the blending option to either SOFTLIGHT OR SCREEN. Or, what works best for your image. : D

1280 x 800px, click and save as!

iPhone Wallpapers

For your personal use ^^ 320 x 480 px wallpapers, right click and save as!

JaeHoChun. OMG back in the day they used to endorse school uniforms… And now they’re… Handsome ahjussi’s in their own right~

I’ll never get tired of this girl *_* Lee YeonHee, for those of you who don’t know her^^

Handsome baby! P.S. Notice the use of ~lens flare~ lol 

Have you seen these five boys? I miss them in one frame terribly.


Desktop Wallpapers

These are all 1280 x 800px! ^^ Feel free to use them~ : D

Just a couple of notes/tips:

Including this again! ^^

  • Remember that the coloring results also depend on the base photo that you use — depending on the brightness, saturation and contrast of the original photo, this coloring could produce varied results.
  • Experimenting is good! You don’t ALWAYS have to stick or input the exact values I have indicated. Adjust it according to your preferences : ) This tutorial can just be basis for you!
  • Practice makes perfect. It really does! Make as much graphics as you can, use it on different types of images and see what you can come up with ^^
  • Have fun! I personally think one can produce better edits/photos/designs if they’re having fun during the process : D

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