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Download: Plaid Pattern Set 01

Lately, apart from the usual polka dots and stripes, I’ve been loving tartan/plaids! ^^Here is my first plaid pattern set! ~ ^^


  • Adobe Photoshop .pat file
  • 10 patterns in .png format
  • 10 pattern papers (800x800px) in.png & .jpg
  • The .zip file is around 3MB ^^



In case you’re curious on how you can use these patterns / scrap papers here are some examples! ^-^

^ Scrapbooking :3

^ iPhone Wallpaper! 😀

  • SIZE: 320 x 480px
  • (Right click & then Save As!)

Desktop Wallpaper ft. Han HyoJoo

  • SIZE: 1280 x 800px
  • (Click to enlarge, right click & then Save As!)

Hee~~ I’ve been wanting to do this for a long tiiiime! ^^ Glad I finally got to! ^^ I actually have a bunch of pattern sets in the old CandySky Multiply, where I used to post textures and patterns : D I’ll be compiling those and posting them up in the coming weeks, look forward to that ^-^

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