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Seoul Spring 2012 – Day 2 : 2/2 Han River + Timeout Gelato + Everysing

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Welcome to the part 2 of SS 2012 Day 2! Hussahhh~ Haha : )

Han River + Cruise

To be honest, this Seoul Spring Trip I had with Trishy and Shiney unnie had a lot of “firsts”.  One of these firsts is…. Shiney unnie’s and my first time at Hangang~

This was my fourth time in Seoul, but in my last three trips I never really had a chance to go and check out the Han River *_* And to think my sister Katie and I always vowed we’d go together and drink like JaeChun used to! Haha : D This time around, I finally got to go there ~~ /happy dance

Before these series of photos, we took a cab from Lotte World, and the ahjussi dropped us off at one of the Han River parking lots. We walked a bit and found a GS25 (Or was it  7Eleven? I can’t remember!), and bought chips and a bottle of Soju each :3

We looked for a spot where we could stay… and just ohhhhhh IT WAS BEAUTIFULLLLLL

Adorbs Trishy dongsaeng and the beautiful, beautiful Han Rivahhh! 

Kyaaang~ Shine unnieee! 

More of le water. I was honestly very amused. I mean… We sat on the steps… And damn that’s a LOOOONG flight of stairs… And with only like three feet level ground, it’s the water. THERE WERE NO RAILINGS. WTF MAN WTF I’d probably die instantly if I rolled off the stairs and to the river.;;

Soju and a favorite, Chilsung Cider, plus Korean snacks~ JYJ notepad from Lotte Duty Free (thanks to Trisha’z Japanese skills), Dazed & Confused ft. Shim ChangMax 

We were actually playing a game around this time. I forgot what it was, but it was Trishy who thought of it~ I have memory gap, and I know our games induced a lot of crazy laughing and trying not to roll down…

And I remember Shine unnie was a bit buzzed lol

We wanted to catch the river cruise scheduled at around 3:30 or something, but we missed it. The one you see right there is cruise port. :3 After sometime, we walked towards it and bought tickets for the next schedule ^^

There was an area where we could hang out while waiting for the boat to arrive :3 We occupied one of the tables, and continued discussing stuff. As far as I can recall, we talked mostly about personal / bordering-drama-rama things about our lives ♥♥♥ And may I just say, that moment felt quite perfect. There’s something about the sunlight in Seoul, uknow… 

Speaking of the sun and its light…

After about 30 minutes, the boat (it is a boat, right lol) returned and passengers alighted and woohoooo it was our turn~~~ ^^♥ This is the view from the back :3

I took a photo of this idek why. Haha

Trishyyyy! ♥

I am not very fond of large bodies of water. Heck okay I’m scared of pools, too. >< I had my fears then, but after a bit I just forgot about it. The temperature was so, so right and the water was very calm~ The view looked amazing too *_*


We went to the front deck and stayed there for most of the cruise. We also camwhored with our dSLRs, sang, danced, made crazy poses and faces, went crazy, let go and had a great, wonderful time. ♥

One of the many bridges~

The cray faces I was talking about. HAHAHA.

We took SOOOOOO many photos! And recorded ourselves while we were fooling around. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t give a shark about what other people thought and just let loose. We were right in front, right in the view of the crew and other passengers but oh, we’re tourists, and this doesn’t happen all the time, so we’ll have fun our way!

It felt nice not having to hold back. ♥

Timeout Gelato… AGAIN

So after that we walked a great deal again :3 I can’t remember how we got out of there upon reaching the main roads. We took a cab, I think?

But I made sure to drag the girls back to YooChun’s Timeout Gelato. (I couldn’t be contented, we only had five days, I really wanted to have his gelato again ;_; )

When we got there, it was empty!!! Can’t say I wasn’t surprised. O_O I never thought it could get empty too… because most of the time there were fans hanging out at the shop. (I had thoughts running through my head… did they run off somewhere… where the boys are… aigoo.. )

Le girlies!

I ordered Green Apple and… Greek Yoghurt? Ever the favored flavors. ♥

After a while, we said hi to Apgujeong station. And as always, got greeted with cosmetic surgery clinic ads… Haha ^^

Everysing Apgujeong

We took a cab and went to Everysing in Apgujeonggg! ^^

See the SHINee?

Informachunnn! Wait, so I guess there’s no longer an e-Table? The restaurant that was featured on ALL ABOUT TVXQ 3? Or was that located elsewhere.. Anyway…

Jajjaaaan! ♥

It made me grin silly seeing the YG stuff! Haha~

Trishy + totez tall HoMin Standee. ♥ ChangMin no socks! /random

Post cards. There were tons of SNSD, SJ and SHINee. But no TVXQ. JFC.

They had these chocolates tho! 🙂 I bought that one in front because of the tin case, but oh, I also should have bought the bigger box *_* BECAUSE THE CHOCOLATE WAS GOOD TOOOO♥

We took purikuraz! With YunHoe and ChangMax! (Paging Trishy and Shiney unnir, do you remember where the sheet is? *_*)

Random Pole.

Thoughts: POLE NI YUNHO. ♥

We went to the upper floor that had the Noraebangs…. And well, we looked through each one hoping it was one of those used for the couple talks in All About TVXQ 2… But guess not~  ><

Love the red ♥

Framed and signed photographs of the boys~

The TVXQ Goods being sold!

More Toho Chocolate!

And it was time to go!

♥And that caps off Seoul Spring 2012 Day 2! : D ^-^

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