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Seoul Spring 2012 – Day 2 : 1/2 Hello Kitty Cafe & Timeout Gelato

Hellooooooo! I’ve actually reached Day 2 of my April trip with Shine unnie and Trisha dongsaeng! Woohoo~  I’m really going to work on completing editing photos, and blogging about ALL DAYS!

I’ve been a lazy kid when it comes to blogging about my trips, but I realized that it’s nice to have something to look back on!~ So I’m working on this one, and then maybe doing a back track on my trips from the past years 🙂

Splitting Day 2 into two posts because I don’t want to kill your connection with the photos ^^

Focus on ze Hello Kitty Cafe and of course, Timeout Gelato^^ Enjoyyy~

Hello Kitty Cafe

At the second floor of the cafe : )

Favorite waffles :3 But I had a hotdog instead because I was craving for something salty ^^’

Hongdae branch cards~

Trish dongsaeng doing the YunHo pose!

Oh, it’s another HO Bar! (Never tried going there tho, even during my previous trips… )

I forgot what I ordered haha ;;

Mandatory food photoz

Trishy and Shiney


Everything pink! I’m not digging the lighting though… It’s too yellow D:

 I love this sfmmm!

  • Hello Kitty Cafe – Hongdae Branch
  • Open from 11AM to 12MN
  • Address: Seoul, Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong 358-112
  • Phone number: 02 334 6580
  • Website:
  • Has free wifi!
  • But note that it can be kind of warm……. Idk but the staff likes their heater too much OTL
  • There are other Hello Kitty Cafe branches!

MyeongDong (just a bit!)

We dropped by for a while,and I ended up buying Aniplace Chess Nail Polish which I blogged about here~ After which we then set off for YooChun’s Timeout! : )

Timeout Gelato

This was Shine unnie’s first time at Timeout  : D

We each ordered a cup and as per usual, got a sticker sheet each! ^^

Ze wall of YooChunnie photos! ^^ Same since 2009!

And huuu I love this part the most!~

The counter + shelf with gifts from fans on display : )

One of the merchandise being sold!

And more Timeout stuff! Spot the radish doll from Rooftop Prince!

Drinks available on that day : )

Chunface sticker from my own stash and our Instax photo!

We each wrote a note and posted it along with the instax. Also posted Cassiopeia Philippines 9G Tohonight Ticket (which I designed~ heee~) ^^

We left after lounging there for some time : D

For those who would like to know how to go there, please check out this post:


Lotte Department Store (lol I forgot to take more photos OTL)

Just one photo;;; Haha! We went around and huuuuu can I just say I LOVE THEIR RESTROOMS! Haha. I am very picky with public restrooms…. I can’t stand it dirty or messy looking; But oh, Lotte Department Store has quite the cozy ones; /end of bathroom spazzing lol

We went off to Hangang Park after this, went on the cruise and then went to Everysing! : ) Will be posting about that second part next week  : )

Hope you liked this entryyy ^^ I personally feel very happy I got to look back on that dayyyy ^-^

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