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Lacquer Swatch: Missha The Style Nail Polish GR002 +Review

As you might notice from my graphics and photos, I am very fond of this color.  It reminds me a lot of China Glaze’s For Audrey, which is one of my favorites  : ) I made sure to restock this and buy a couple of bottles during a recent trip to Seoul ^^ Here’s a review + swatch of Missha’s GR002 ^^

The lacquer bottle has this cute heart shape~ (Taken without flash)

I didn’t get to take a photo of the applicator, but it’s one of the things I love about this polish ^^ It allows a nice grip and makes application easy ^-^

I really wish Missha named their lacquers, instead of just the usual letter+number combination > <

About Missha GR002

  • Price 2,000won (PHP 74.00)
  • Contains 6ml
  • Part of Missha The Style Nail Polish Line


  • It’s opaque, and with proper application, you will only need one coat.
  • The lacquer can last for over a week, with only minimal chipping. (Make sure to use a good topcoat though, because that helps a lot~)
  • The lacquer’s consistency is very good, and lasts long without thickening easily. (I had two bottles of this from our 2010 Seoul trip which I am still able to use~ But I also bought again last April~^^’ )
I have no cons for this one!

I honestly can go for weeks just wearing this on my nails! (This is why having a couple of bottles in stock is necessary… Haha ^^ )

For local availability, I have only had the chance to go to the Missha branch in Hypermart recently, and so far they did not have this color = ( Hopefully they’ll have stocks of it soon : )

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