You are currently viewing Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #03: Rise Up + JaeJoong, YunHo, ChangMin, JunSu, EXO-K iPhone Wallpapers

Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #03: Rise Up + JaeJoong, YunHo, ChangMin, JunSu, EXO-K iPhone Wallpapers

Hello! How are you doing? It’s been raining non-stop for week (or more?) in Manila and I honestly just miss the sun and the blue skies and overall, dry weather ;_; I hope the rains stop soon! So many families have lost their homes and the flood is getting worse… : (

Seoul Spring Day 4 (April 2012) ^I need skies like this! 

While we’re spending looooads of time at home, I’ve been working on new posts! And of course a new coloring tutorial :  ) This one’s more on the bright, yellowish side.

1280x800px Wallpaper – A little bit of hotstuff to warm you in this cold weather~ 

Here’s my third coloring tutorial~ Enjoy! ^^

CandySky Coloring Tutorial #03

This one is called Rise Up ^^


More Samples

iPhone Wallpapers

And as always, freebies for youu! 320x480px iPhone wallies featuring JaeJoong, YunHo & ChangMin, Lee YeonHee, JunSu, Song JiHyo, EXO’s ChanYeol & Kai. : D

Gorgeous Boy with Golden Blonde Hair

aka Kim JaeJoong

JaeJoong and JaeJoong’s Tongue (says hiii)

ChanYeol and EXO-Kai. (I will forever call him that. =p)

EXO-K’s SuHo and ChanYeol : ) Thanks to friends for letting me know about SuHo! Haha.

Song JiHyo unnie & JaeJooong and Junshooot who looks super pretty with the curly hair!

My gorgeous princess, Lee YeonHee, and YunHot and ChangMax for Lacoste

Father and son! Haha :3 

Just a couple of notes/tips:

  • Remember that the coloring results also depend on the base photo that you use — depending on the brightness, saturation and contrast of the original photo, this coloring could produce varied results.
  • Experimenting is good! You don’t ALWAYS have to stick or input the exact values I have indicated. Adjust it according to your preferences : ) This tutorial can just be basis for you!
  • Practice makes perfect. It really does! Make as much graphics as you can, use it on different types of images and see what you can come up with ^^
  • Have fun! I personally think one can produce better edits/photos/designs if they’re having fun during the process : D

That’s all for now~

If you’re in the Philippines and experiencing this awful, awful weather, do keep safe and warm! Let’s hope the weather gets better! Til my next post! <3

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