Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #03: Rise Up + JaeJoong, YunHo, ChangMin, JunSu, EXO-K iPhone Wallpapers

Hello! How are you doing? It’s been raining non-stop for week (or more?) in Manila and I honestly just miss the sun and the blue skies and overall, dry weather ;_; I hope the rains stop soon! So many families have lost their homes and the flood is getting worse… : (

Seoul Spring Day 4 (April 2012) ^I need skies like this! 

While we’re spending looooads of time at home, I’ve been working on new posts! And of course a new coloring tutorial :  ) This one’s more on the bright, yellowish side.

1280x800px Wallpaper – A little bit of hotstuff to warm you in this cold weather~ 

Here’s my third coloring tutorial~ Enjoy! ^^

CandySky Coloring Tutorial #03

This one is called Rise Up ^^


More Samples

iPhone Wallpapers

And as always, freebies for youu! 320x480px iPhone wallies featuring JaeJoong, YunHo & ChangMin, Lee YeonHee, JunSu, Song JiHyo, EXO’s ChanYeol & Kai. : D

Gorgeous Boy with Golden Blonde Hair

aka Kim JaeJoong

JaeJoong and JaeJoong’s Tongue (says hiii)

ChanYeol and EXO-Kai. (I will forever call him that. =p)

EXO-K’s SuHo and ChanYeol : ) Thanks to friends for letting me know about SuHo! Haha.

Song JiHyo unnie & JaeJooong and Junshooot who looks super pretty with the curly hair!

My gorgeous princess, Lee YeonHee, and YunHot and ChangMax for Lacoste

Father and son! Haha :3 

Just a couple of notes/tips:

  • Remember that the coloring results also depend on the base photo that you use — depending on the brightness, saturation and contrast of the original photo, this coloring could produce varied results.
  • Experimenting is good! You don’t ALWAYS have to stick or input the exact values I have indicated. Adjust it according to your preferences : ) This tutorial can just be basis for you!
  • Practice makes perfect. It really does! Make as much graphics as you can, use it on different types of images and see what you can come up with ^^
  • Have fun! I personally think one can produce better edits/photos/designs if they’re having fun during the process : D

That’s all for now~

If you’re in the Philippines and experiencing this awful, awful weather, do keep safe and warm! Let’s hope the weather gets better! Til my next post! <3

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4 responses to “Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #03: Rise Up + JaeJoong, YunHo, ChangMin, JunSu, EXO-K iPhone Wallpapers”

  1. Anne Avatar

    Where can I find ‘soft light’ and ‘exclusion’ in adobe photoshop 7.0? sorry this is my first time to edit.

    1. candysky Avatar

      Hi Anne!
      First, make sure that your layers panel is open:
      – On your top bar go to Window > Layers
      Your Layers panel will appear and it will have the options for Blending (Normal, soft light, etc), Opacity and Fill. ^^

      Attached photos for your reference 🙂

      Hope that helped! 🙂

      1. Anne Avatar

        Omg, you’re great~ Thank you so much!

        1. candysky Avatar

          You’re welcome ^^ Thank you too! ^^

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