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Nail Art: Quick French Tips

Are you the type who’s always busy? No time to sit down and actually do nail art? Here’s one quick way to get color on your nails! 🙂

French tips. YES. Minus the base polish : D

You’ll need:

  • Base coat
  • Nail polish of your choice
  • Quick-dry top coat

01 Apply a layer of base coat

02 Apply nail polish on your tips (in one or two strokes, to make sure that it doesn’t get chunky) make it as in as possible. I did mine in one stroke to the right, and then another to the left.

03 Wait 1 minute, and then apply one layer of top coat.

04 Give it 3 minutes to dry fully, and you’re done! ^^

Sorry I didn’t get to take photos step by step! But I hope the directions were clear enough ^^’ Most important part is to keep the layers thin, because that will make it dry faster.

This is what I personally do when I’m short of time but still want color on my nails ^-^

Also! This method helps nails grow quicker. :3  My nails are brittle, so I end up having to trim it short, and I really dislike short nails. So for my nails to grow faster, I make sure to give it breathing/rest time and just have the tips colored : D

More tutorials to come soooon! ^^