You are currently viewing Spazz Post #02: 2012 07 28 Only One – BoA ft. YunHo (+ DOWNLOAD)

Spazz Post #02: 2012 07 28 Only One – BoA ft. YunHo (+ DOWNLOAD)

Hi. HI.

This post is days overdue.

I /have/ to get this out somewhere, and Twitter’s 140 characters is not enough to express my full feelings over this performance. Last Saturday I was at the height of my coughing/sneezing/not being able to smell anything/sick mode. But streaming this performance just made me forget about that!

Before anything else, please watch this! I couldn’t find the video of the whole performance, as SBS and SM have blocked a lot of the YT videos uploaded. This was the only one I could find — a cut of ChangMin and YunHo’s parts as well as the actual cut of the BoA-YunHo couple dance.  PLEASEUUU watch!

CREDITS: sssosweet on YT (She made the cut and also subbed the BTS! Thank you!) 

Now that you have seen the glorious cut…. I broke it down to five things, to be able to spazz properly. (If there is such a thing~!)


The Song

Is beautiful. I’ve said this before. It’s the piano hook, and the bass, I just kjghsjagh for some reason it makes my heart beat faster, whenever I listen to it.

It ended so sudden,
I don’t know why you will feel at ease,
Where did we go wrong?
Were we aiming at different things from long ago?
The sharpness of the vast difference of our start and end,
The pain that’s stabbing my heart, why is it so similar?

And oh, these lines just had to be so apt. BoA unnie wrote this song, didn’t she? I can’t help but think if this tells a story of one of her past relationships, and whom it was with. I can only guess.

The Girl

Flawless. Perfect. Amazing. BoA unnie. I hear people saying, “but she’s short!!!” So what with the height? I think she has proven that height does not really have anything to do with success in her field. It doesn’t lessen her vocal prowess, or her dancing skills.

I just. I LOVE HER OH MY GOD. BoA on stage, she was born for it. It doesn’t matter if she’s performing for a big crowd, or for a music show with a more intimate audience.

BoA performing… It gave me goosebumps and I just wish to see her perform in person, at least once in my life.

AND OH MY GOD HER HAIR. I feel silly but I WANNA TOUCH HER HAIRRR haha. I remember high school days, and being envious of it lol. It’s just that the BoA in this performance really brings me back to her earlier days.

What I have always liked about her is how simple she looks, yet still beautiful. Of course BoA unnie has gone through many different concepts, but this one, I think this one suits her so well.

I love how when it comes to her it’s not the concept that is highlighted (unlike when it comes to other girl groups……), it’s the song, the dance, the whole performance that you get to focus on and appreciate.

The Boy

Um. Jung YunHo? U-KNOW? Yes.

I think I teared a little when I saw him come up. Oh my God. My heart was complaining, it couldn’t handle the multiple spasms.

For once this is just YunHo. Dancer YunHo. And minus the stage costumes (I haven’t much complaints about ToHo/TVXQ costumes), it was refreshing to see him perform wearing a more casual outfit. As people would term it now, “IT GAVE ME DIFFERENT FEEEEELS”!

Is this everyday YunHo? I WANT HIM.

Although others will protest, I think YunHo is the best dancer in SMTown, apart from JunSu. DANCER YUNHOOOO /screams

The way YunHo moves — FELINE. He’s always been like that, but I just… I love the way he moves. Every twist, every bend AAAAHHHH >< And crying, the choreography for the couple dance is just soooooo good, and he executed it so damn good with BoA unnie.

There is a height difference to think about, but YunHo covered it so well, making sure he was in sync with her. Every little movement…

I am so pulled into this boy, guys, I don’t know what to doooo. Haha. Going crazy just watching.

ALSO WAIT, WAIT HIS HAIR. SO BOUNCY! MUSHROOM-Y AND JUST MAKES HIM LOOK SO GOOOOOOOD. RAWR. It’s just me, but I think they styled it that way to match BoA unnie’s natural look. I love love the way his hair bounces and falls when he moves. Yunho hair flip. /CRIES AGAIN

Also, how long can YunHo get? He’s so long. SO hmmmm. Haha.

The Couple Dance

I’m not here to give you a blow-by-blow analysis, because I don’t think I’m in a position to do that. I’m just continuing spazzing.

I love it so much. JaeWon did such a great job choreographing. I think it fits the meaning of the song as well, and well, the execution was so flawless as well.

Short, and sweet and you would just want to watch it over and over and over again without getting tired of it :3

My Heart

It’s already complaining! LOL Oh, it took a lot to try and contain my crazy feelings over this one-time performance, and I guess my heart can rest a little now that I was able to let everything out.  Haha : ) I actually feel quite better and calmer! ^^’

Well, everything must come to an end. Haha! I hope you enjoyed the post! Here is a download link for the too-short couple dance! I’m in the process of uploading the full performance (it’s taking ages bc the file is too big!), so keep checking for that ^^


  • FILENAME [HQ] SBS BoA4354 Special – Only One – BoA ft. U-Know Yunho
  • TYPE .mp4
  • SIZE 33.48mb
  • DL MF

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